Antares Files

Telemetry Report 10.31.2216 Scopes Officer Chambers
Recovery Team 11.06.2216 Security Officer DuPree
Medical Report (10 files) 11.06.2216 Dr. Turner
Initial Investigation 11.06.2216 Chief Engineer Finrod
Personal Analysis 11.06.2216 Commander Brighton
Personal Analysis 11.07.2216 Commander Brighton
Isolation Order (quarantine) 11.09.2216 Security Chief DuPree
Autopsy SO. Yang (3 Files) 11.14.2216 Dr. Turner
Personal Analysis 11.15.2216 Commander Brighton
Security Breach 11.23.2216 Security Officer DuPree
Examination Results CE. Finrod 11.23.2216 Dr. Turner
Telemetry Report 11.24.2216 Scopes Officer Ricks
Tactical Analysis 11.24.2216 Commander Brighton
Personal Analysis Final 11.24.2216 Commander Brighton

Telemetry Report 10.31.2216 Scopes Officer Chambers Time: 03:10
Source: Large Tracking Dish Cradar Array
Scopes Officer: Francis Chambers

Telemetry Data: RA 234'23"14.2 • D -81.23° • DV 142.433/2219.3

Report: At 00:06, initial sighting was made of a ship coming in from below the ecliptic. Course was not energy efficient for normal traffic. Engine thrust indicated a long decelleration period. Spectroscopic analysis of hydrogen emissions failed to match any recorded patterns in Smith's Ship Catalog. Ship was tagged as potential Belter homebuilt, or new Titan design. Slight possibility that ship was of old Earthgov registry, since these were never fully cataloged. Cradar lock was made and ship was automatically tracked.

00:50 Ship hailed, expect reply in 27 min.
01:17 No response. Assume vessel to be either hostile or damaged.
02:48 Ship executed course change. New heading intersects Triton Colony. Alerted Exec.

Recovery Team 11.06.2216 Security Officer DuPree SecChief Wanda DuPree reporting...
The vessel we have tracked for a week has made a landing. At 06:00 this morning, the ship gouged a 2 kilometer line through the methane permafrost, coming to rest about 24 klicks from Atlantis Base. A team was assembled to investigate:

The ship is approximately 300 meters in length, of which the bulk appears to be some unknown arrangement of fuel and drive units. The actual habitat area is correspondingly small, perhaps 200 cubic meters. Configuration is pictured here:

After repeated attempt to communicate met with failure, Comm. Brighton ordered Engineering to open the hull. Arranging a survival bubble over the area, one hour with a cutting torch opened a two-meter hole. My two assistants and I entered. We discovered a chamber roughly 10 meters across. Arranged in a regular fashion about the perimeter were ten bodies of what we assume to be the crew of the ship. Like dessicated spiders, they were. Refer to Dr. Turner's report for more info. (11.06.2216)

Ten of the bodies were removed from the vessel and Comm. Brighton ordered the vessel re-sealed. The bodies were removed to a secure storage facility at Atlantis Base for further study.

Conclusion: The ship appears to be of extrasolar origin. The bodies found inside match nothing in our computer files of either Earthly life forms or any recorded genetic engineering.

Medical Report (10 files) 11.06.2216 Dr. Turner 1. Plan of Investigation
There are no official reg.s or procedures for examination of presumed extrasolar organisms, so I will proceed with as much care and thoroughness as I can. Chances of infection are remote but possible. The bodies have been placed on steri-pads to eliminate the possibility of infection. Viral transimssions, of course, are not stopped by steri-pads so until an initial sampling of surface tissue and micro-scanning of the air around the organism, the bodies will be sealed in gamma pod.

2. Initial Observations
Of the estimated 100 organisms inside the alien craft, Security has permitted the removal and exmaination of ten. Description of the aliens is difficult because of the extreme dessication of the corpses. Whether this is a natural consequence of the travel methods or time employed, or simply a feature of the death/decay process of the bodies is unknown. The ship reportedly had an oxygen/nitrogen air mixture at low pressure.
Although I do not wish to fall into the trap of desribing them in earthly terms, the body most closely resembles an earthly arthropod. Six limbs arranged in radial symmetry appear to be used for locomotion. Each limb is terminated in a cloven-hoof-like claw. The main body is possibly exoskeletal. I will know more after X-Rays/Deep-scans. There appear to be small holes around the equator of the body, perhaps sensory organs or used for gas exchange. There are two anterior vents, possibly used for reproduction or elimination. The head is mounted on a stiff, jointed neck. The aliens appear to have had large eyes of a compound nature, although this is nearly impossible to determine, given the state of dehydration. The hard beak-like mouth is flanked by what appear to be maniples, or tiny hands. I presume this to be the organism's method of fine manipulation.
The organisms are covered with a short black fur. It is possible that in life these furs may have had a variety of colors, although they now appear a uniform dull gray/black.
Sex is unknown.

3. Initial Viral Scan

No viri were detected either on the skin surface or the air immediately surrounding the organism. An extremely high number and variety of amino acids are present in the small epidermal scraping. I may have to reconsider the possibility of infection, although as yet, no acid pairings duplicate the A-T-C-P pattern of terrestrial DNA.

4. Initial Placement
The bodies were arranged in semi-circular patterns, facing inwards. It is impossible to tell whether they died there or were placed there after death. There did not appear to be any control surfaces in the interior. Perhaps this was a robot ship or steered by some unknown means.

5. Non-intrusive scanning
An X-ray deep scan has indicated several interesting facts. With one exception, no major structures were detected, merely a jumble of overlapping tissues. The internal organs of the creatures are either in an advanced state of decay, leading to an homogenous density throughout, or there are no organs such as we know them. I tend to lean towards the former, since the exterior obviously has many complex structures (eyes, hair, bone or chitin, a variety of tissues). The one detectable internal structure is a spherical structure about 10 centimeters across, located in mid-thorax. I cannot begin to guess at its purpose.

6. Deep Image
The Deep Imager has given a bit more detail. The spherical structure apperas organic, not bearing any evidence of manufacture or artificial insertion. Although it is located near no discernable aperture, it may be possible that it is some form of egg. This conclusion is not solid, however, since I have no record of the subjects internal arrangement before decomposition. What I do know is that the central mass is very dense, denser than bone. It is resistant to most scanning, though I believe it not to be of uniform density throughout. It is possible that the shell or skin of the object is harder than the interior. I can theorize many things from this. Perhaps the most compelling theory is that it is linked with reproduction. Although the host creature may be dead, perhaps it carries its offspring from world to world like this.
*** The prevoius was speculation. Please disregard, as it is late.
I have placed examination of this object last on my schedule.

7. Major internal structure
This section is embarassingly scanty. There is evidence of some endoskelatal structure, particularly in the legs and neck. The neck has a variety of tubes or conduits of some kind, perhaps six. The creature was either of disputable intelligence or carried its brain somewhere other that the skull, since the cavity where a brain would be in terrestrial life is about the size of a baseball.

8. Central mass
I have done a more intense scan of the central mass revealed by the Deep Imager. I have determined that the sphere is indeed shell-like; a tough or rigid exterior conceals or protects the contents within. Furthermore the proportions of the mass seem to have changed. It has slowly increased to almost 12.5 cm. The body likewise seems to have altered. The skin seems more turgid, possibly swollen. While it was never pliable, it now seems to be taut. It is possible that there is a buildup of decomposition gasses or some other unusual chemical process. Once I have the go ahead from the exec, I will begin an autopsy. This should tell me more.

9. Initial Conclusions
The life forms are undoubtedly extrasolar in origin. They walked and breathed as we do, and that is about all I know. They either had or were the subjects of a science beyond ours, since they have made the trip across presumed light years in a small enough time that the soft tissues did not decay beyond recognition. Chief Engineer Finrod tells me that although the temperatures inside the craft did dip below the freezing point of water, the cabin remained pressurized and the cabin air remained a gas. Their cause of death is unknown, as is the reason for their voyage.

10. Initial tissue biopsy
I have not yet initiated this test. The exec has ordered that no invasion of the organisms is to be performed yet. I have lodged a protest, but orders are orders. I believe the commander’s orders to be overly cautious.

Initial Investigation 11.06.2216 Chief Engineer Finrod
The ship appears to have been a working interstellar ramjet, using an unbelievably immense magnetic field to scoop up interstellar hydrogen for fuel. The environmental pod is very small in comparison to the magnetic field ring, although it does not mass much more. The entire drive assembly probably massed no more than a few hundred tons, though the ring was more than a kilometer in diameter. The ring was a fragile structure, never meant to land. The environmental pod, however, has a series of shocks and landing skids, obviously designed to land in a variety of environments. Telemetry shows that the pod released from the ring during descent. It is possible that the ring might have had some braking function, at least in a planet with an atmosphere. The pod seems to have landed undamaged, though no evidence could be found of a portal or hatch.
The metallurgical analysis of the hull is underway, but appears to be beyond our ability. It is tougher than tungsten, more heat resistant than ceramic, light as aluminum.
In terms of technology, we're sitting on a gold mine.

Personal Analysis 11.06.2216 Commander Brighton Commanders Log, Maxfield Brighton
The implecations of this are enormous. All reports have not yet been filed, so it is too early to reach any conclusions, but it is possible that the ship which crashed this morning is extrasolar. I have been twenty years in the Lunar Navy, and I have never seen anything like it. I have ordered a cautious investigation of the landing/crash site.

Dear God, in your infinte wisdom, have you sent us emmisaries from one of your other gardens, or are they fallen like Lucifer to plague mankind? Grant me the wisdom to fathom your purposes and walk a righteous path.
Personal Analysis 11.07.2216 Commander Brighton Commanders Log, Maxfield Brighton
I cannot stress how careful our investigations have been to this point. We are treading a fine line between investigating the first valid proof of an extrasolar species against the potential for mistakenly ruining any information found through sloppy research techniques.

Although I wouldn’t mind going down in history as the commander of the colony that made First Contact, I don’t want to be remembered for botching our first chance to gain meaningful information from an advanced culture.
I surmise from the reports that I have read, that all the aliens in the craft are not only dead, but due to the lack of interior control surfaces and the almost ritual placement of their bodies, they were not alive during their voyage.
Why an advanced culture would go to the immeasurable cost and energy to ship corpses across trillions of kilometers is beyond our guessing.
I shall continue to place our fate in the hands of divine providence and order continued investigation, but I shall do so with caution and thoroughness.

Dear God, you have sent us few answers and multitudes of questions. Have I done what is necessary to protect my people? Are these... spiders your children as well? Truly your hand is the mover af all the heavens, but have you brought them to our door in a caring embrace, or cast them from the heavens for sins unimaagineable? Or is my speculation vain and shall they prove to be something we cannot hope to understand?
Why do you send us this ship of the dead?

Isolation Order (quarantine) 11.09.2216 Security Chief DuPree
Effective immediately, all personnel are prohibited entry to the secondary cargo habitat. All alien biomaterials and organisms have been removed to this location. All direct access has been cut off and only surface entry via EVA suit is permitted. The body of Security Officer David Yang has been re-located here as well.

Full biological warfare edicts are in force for the immediate future.
Until we know more, this will betreated as an infectious disease.

Autopsy SO. Yang (3 Files) 11.14.2216 Dr. Turner Discovery of the Body
SO. Yang's body was discovered at 21:14 on 11.09.2216 by Security Chief DuPree. The body was lying next to the remains of one of the alien bodies. Yang was face up. No marks or signs of struggle were apparent, though a chair was overturned. The body of the alien nearby seems to have burst, filling the room with a white fibrous substance, similar to fine feathers or down. A powerful nauseating odor was present in the room, similar to rotted meat.

Initial Observation
No marks were discovered on the body after a thorough examination. I am conducting this examination in the secondary cargo pod, while wearing full EVA gear. It makes the examination difficult, but we do not have the type of bio-warfare gear that would make this easier. A quantity of the feathery substance had accumulated on the lips and nostrils of SO. Yang. It stuck to other spots as well, but appears to have dried to dust fairly quickly afterwards. The feathery substance around his mucous membranes appears to be biologically viable. Cause of death is still unknown.

Autopsy results
Yang is being eaten by the fibrous material. It is insinutaing itself thoughout his system and is quickly disolving all manner of tissue, though it appears to have greatest affinity for nerve tissue,both stimulus-response and synaptic structures. Cortical and medullar tissue are particularly infected. Spine and muscles are affected and, to a lesser extent, his internal organs. But it appears to be staying away from dermal and connective tissue. We could put his body into coldsleep to slow the growth, but after consultation with the exec, we have decided to let the infection to progress. SO. Yang is undeniably dead, and we may learn more about what is happening by watching the progression of the material.
Personal Analysis 11.15.2216 Commander Brighton CommLink: Begin Letter

Dear Mrs. Min Yang
It is with greatest sorrow that I must report to you the death of your son David. He died in fulfillment of his duties and with honor. I doubt that the reasons for his death will allowed to be conveyed with this letter, but rest assured that all things will be made clear. Your son died while engaged in a great undertaking that will doubtless become tomorrow’s history. I regret that I cannot tell you more, save that his death was most likely painless and as swift as God in His mercy could possible allow.
Mrs. Yang, David’s death has affected me deeply. I have known David Yang for more than 16 years, since he was an ensign and I was a lieutenant, both stationed on Ganymede. He was young and full of the world. David had been smitten with a local girl. Our ship, the Apollo had just returned from a year-long tour of duty at the fringe of the Solar System, laying the groundwork for founding this very colony. As soon as we got back to ‘Mede, he set off through the airlock like a rocket out of a chute, looking for this girl. I believe he wanted to marry her. He never found her again. She had run off with some ne’er-do-well rogue named Black. Now Navy men are sometimes rough-edged. Most men I know would have gotten pretty riled at this point, or taken to the bottle. Not David. Oh, he was pretty upset for a week or so, then took a long hard look at his life. You know the troubles that David had while growing up; he says that’s why you steered him towards the service after graduation. Before that incident, David was headstrong, foolhardy and impetuous. Afterwards, he had a keen insight into human nature that made me request him for my first command. I hope to meet you someday Mrs. Yang, and tell you all the stories that I know David was too modest to impart. Your son was a special man, and we are all of us diminished by his passing.

Yours sincerely,
Maxfield Brighton

CommLink: End Letter/
Attach medical and service records and hold for dispatch.


Poor David! His body, which he needs no longer, is host for an alien organism that devours his flesh. The doctor assures me that his damage is quite irreversable and his death complete. There is no hope of resussitation. I have allowed the process to continue under monitored conditions, in the hope that further misfortune may be avoided by an increase in our understanding.

May God forgive me for the order I have given. Is this a random occurance, the devices of Satan, or does David Yang’s death serve a higher purpose? Guide me, Lord.

Security Breach 11.23.2216 Security Officer DuPree
At 13:20, Security reported discovery the body of SO. Herman Jolson. He was found dead in Airlock 5. Shortly afterward, the body of Chief Engineer Lars Finrod was discovered in the Cargo Pod. Jolson was dead of a laser wound to the base of his skull. Finrod was found with a laser that had been recently discharged.

Personal Observation
This addendum is added just before transmission of these files. I have not had the time to make a full investigation, and at this point it is unlikely that I ever will. It is my belief that Lars Finrod is a Titan spy, most likely a Skywalker. I believe that he murdered Jolson to get to Yang’s body. It is almost certain that he did not know the details of Yang’s condition, as these were classified. I further believe him to be responsible for the acts of sabotage detailed later in these reports, that have almost certainly led to our imminent defeat and likely to our deaths. He would not have acted in so ruthless and violent a fashion if he did not know the events to come in the following hours.

Examination Results CE. Finrod 11.23.2216 Dr. Turner Discovery of the Body
Chief Engineer Lars Finrod’s body was discovered at 13:25 in the isolation cargo pod. Although he is unconscious, he appears to be alive and unharmed. His breathing is rapid and shallow. He has been placed in another isolation chamber so that the progress of his condition can be monitored without further contamination.

SO. Yang's body has been destroyed. It appears to have burst from within, much as the body of the alien organism. Also present was the white fibrous material and the odor of rotted meat.

Initial Observation
No marks were discovered on Finrod’s body after a thorough examination. I am continuing to conduct examinations in the secondary cargo pod, while wearing full EVA gear.
The feathery substance that had accumulated on the lips and nostrils of SO. Yang has also been found on Finrod. The feathery substance around his mucous membranes appears to be identical to previously observed samples. Why Lars Finrod continues to live where David Yang died is a mystery. All that I can tell is that Finrod is suffering a fever and rapid heart and respiration. I hesitate to treat the symptoms with drugs in the fear that I may do more harm than good.

Treatment results
Under the command of CO Brighton, I have administered a variety of wide spectrum antibiotics and viricides, on the theory that this organism is behaving like a disease or virus. To date, there has been no discernable effect on either Lars Finrod or the culture samples of the fibrous material.

Initial conclusions
Finrod’s signs are rapid but stable. The invasive biological material does not seem to be killing him. It is possible that his body may reject it naturally.
The strangest thing is the genetic scan I have run on the material. Whereas before, it defied analysis of the equipment I have at my disposal, there is no a high likelihood that it posesses many ribnoucleic chains in common with human DNA. Although I cannot prove it, I have a sneaking suspicion that the DNA would be very similar to that of David Yang.

Telemetry Report 11.24.2216 Scopes Officer Ricks Time: 23:10
Large Tracking Dish Cradar Array was discovered to have a malfunction. It failed to respond to all software diagnostics. Visual inspection on the surface showed that it had been sabotaged. Repairs were impossible given materials at hand.
Recommendation: Put small dish array on-line.

Time: 23:17
Source: Small Tracking Dish Cradar Array
Scopes Officer: Noel Ricks
Telemetry Data: RA 110'17"14.2 • D +5° • DV 142.433/2216.3

Report: At 23:10, initial sighting was made of a ship coming in from just above the ecliptic, to sunward. Repeated scans revealed not one, but five ships in formation. Spectroscopic analysis of hydrogen emissions matched against recorded patterns in Smith's Ship Catalog revealed them to be of Titan origin, most likely warship class. Better analysis was impossible give the limitations of the secondary array.
Cradar lock was made and ships were automatically tracked. As of yet, they have refused to replay to any radio transmission. The matter was turned over to CO Brighton.

Tactical Analysis 11.24.2216 Commander Brighton
The ships which are headed for us are definitely of Titan registry. One cruiser, two destroyers and two support craft. The refuse to answer hails and, given the timing of their arrival, are almost certainly hostile.
The Large Cradar array has been destroyed probably by Lars Finrod (before his infection) or an accomplice. Also destroyed is the tracking unit for our big Communications antenna. We can communicate, but our ability to aim is severely impaired. We will issue a general distress call, and hope that it gets past whatever ECM the Titan fleet is using.
We have the converted Washington-class corvette Kennedy and a number of drop ships. Our ground-based defenses are useless with the tracking equipment damaged.
Our ability to resist whatever demands made by the Titan fleet is nearly non-existent.
The Fleet is almost certainly here in response to Finrod’s actions. The observations we have made of the alien veseel and its biological cargo must not be allowed to fall into enemy hands. I have ordered the destruction of the alien ship, since we cannot defend it. I will also order the destruction of the bodies of Yang and Finrod, as well as the Extrasolars should the base be breached.

Heavenly Father, Grant me the strength to give to order to destroy those bodies. David Yang has passed into your reward, but Lars Finrod yet lives. Though he is surely my enemy, O Lord, he yet lives, and is helpless in my power. Though the enemy that approaches would grant no mercy to us were our positions reversed, I have never ordered the death of a captive in cold blood. I cannot order another to do it. When the time comes, grant me the guidance and strength, and I shall bear the burden myself. Mine shall be the hand that hides this body from my enemy, If I am strong enough.

Personal Analysis Final 11.24.2216 Commander Brighton
Our forces have been met in space and destroyed. Posthumous commendations to all crewmembers of Corvette Kennedy, as well as dropships Tango, Minuet and Pavonne. Cradar indicates that the Titan fleet is substantially unharmed and will drop landing parties within the hour. We are preparing ground defenses. SO DuPree has issued hand weapons to all who can use them as far as they go. Thank God that our charter did not allow children in the first settlement wave, though the Lord knows some of these fine people are too young to perish in such a fsahion.
The alien ship is gone, though we have no atomics to utterly eradicate it, we have used such thermal explosives as we have to remove any potential for learing its secrets. Lt. Hannah Brazil is commended for leading her team on what amounts to a suicide mission on cleaning up debris. It is certain there will be no friendly base for them to return to.
In the face of our imminent defeat, there is a small amount of hope. Although we could not send information sunward to tell what has happened here due to the damage done to our deep-range Comm Dish and ECM from the enemy, Telemetry has reported that the Martian Agro trawler Coachella is within short-range communication, as well as a small prospector vessel in the leading trojan asteroids. I have gathered our files and records and ordered them to be transmitted to these ships. They are at oblique angles to the approaching fleet, so it is possible that our transmissions will be undetected. I will also instruct them not to answer or directly radio the colonies from here. Their transmissions would certainly be intercepted, if not by the Titan Fleet, then by Titan itself, or its allies. The appearance within my own command of a Titan deep spy, perhaps a Skywalker, is proof enough that Titan forces could be anywhere, following an agenda that bodes no good for the rest of humanity.

Dear God, please speed these souls under my command to your Kingdom and Glory. Let them not suffer o’ermuch under the cruel hand of ruthless men. Thy will be done, O Lord.

Tactical has announced a series of missiles have been launched, most likely at our power lines and ground vehicle sheds. It is almost certain this is our last communication. Whoever gets these files, get them to CCB; it is vital for the security of the colonies. Godspeed.