Get a Job!
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, September 16, 2002 12:11:37 AM
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Cas, you have been in Tallon for a couple of weeks. It has taken you a while, but you have found lodgings for your kin in the beast quarter. You get some funny looks from time to time, for foxes are not the most common of beasts, but for the moment, none of you are making waves. You have has to sell most of the belongings the Hill Tribe butchers left to you, but the family will be comfortable for another month or so if you scrimp tighten your belts. Meat turns out to be expensive in Tallon unless you like fish, so your stomach is sometimes troubled.
It will be a long time before you all sleep in your own wagon again. Looking at the poor wretches that are all that are left of your once happy pack, you know what must be done. You are the strongest, smartest and most resourceful of the clan. If they are ever to get back on the road and living the right kind of life for foxes, you must be the one to do it. You know that Humans engage in a bit of trade from city to city. You yourself have often transported goods for some beast or other. But you have always done this for beasts. Beasts are poor. If you are to make enough money to buy a new life, you must deal with human merchants. But how? Fox caravans are seldom welcome within the walls of human cities for any lengthy time; they seem to get blamed for each and every little theft. Most of your visit to Tallon have been to what the locals call Little Tallon, or the small markets in the Beast Quarter.
You must find a way to use your considerable skills on a caravan run by somebody with MONEY. Where do you start?

Cas, you caught me a little off guard, since I wasn't sure if you would be available or not. I may have to play a little fast and loose on the timing of your actions.
They just don't know me
By: Cas
Posted: Monday, September 16, 2002 05:49:57 AM
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Cas's best chance for a job is going to be "his" ability to tell a good story and create a mask of publicity. If he can get himself into a caravan it is only going to be as an escort for one between cities. Perhaps a tall tale of the time Cas single handedly stopped a half-dozen bandits from raiding a caravan.

Cas will attempt this tale at a populated area near the beast caravan area first, no sense in dealing with humans now if possible. He'll try a bar or a food court area. If there is no luck, he will move onto the human equivalent of this market.
Tall tales at the Singing Turtle
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, September 16, 2002 10:25:25 AM
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You find a ready audience at the Singing Turtle. It's very late in the evening, but the "Turtle never seems to close. A wide variety of beasts can be found here. Besides the normal Tallon lot, there is a huge badger and a small party of weasels.
This is a bar only (no rooms). There are three tables and a private booth, which is not in use. Besides the bartable itself, there is little other furniture than a carved wooden turtle hanging from the ceiling. The turtle has many candles hanging from it which provide the bulk of the illumination. The walls are decorated with a nautial motif. Somebody with artistic talent has painted several murals. The subject matter would make a few humans uncomfortable, as they often depict female beasts in various states of undress.
Several of the regulars give you a look as you enter. A couple smile knowingly as they perceive your dual nature. A song has just finished and it looks as though you could step in anywhere. Where do you go and what do you say?

Are you openly carrying weapons? There's nothing illegal about it, but people treat people differently if they look adventurous or dangerous
More Customers
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 09:22:22 AM
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As you size up the room, another fox enters. He is traditionally dressed and appears to be looking for someone. His eyes light upon you with disappointment that turns to surprise as the door hits him from behind and a Raccoon enters.

Please go to At the Sign of the Singing Turtle
Regarding Weapons and Things
By: Cas
Posted: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 09:46:31 PM
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Cas was raised to always be on the move. She keeps most of her possessions either on her at all times or never far away. Where she has been staying with Melia for now, most of her items are there. She does have both of her stilettos on her. One is in a sheath to her side, the other is tucked into a leg strap.

Cas intentions are to find someone who is looking is looking for a guard. They may not necessarily no it yet.

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