At the Sign of the Singing Turtle, Part
By: TheGM
Posted: Friday, September 20, 2002 08:45:42 AM
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The big otter smiles amiably, displaying a mouthful of fine white teeth. "Mighty generous of ye, sir. An' what'll y'all be havin'?

"As fer the word on Tallon, I don' rightly know what ye be wantin' to hear. I know ye'r not goin't to fetch a great price on yon bag o' Dreamleaf; there's a booth in the Market Circle sell's me mine. They get it from som'eres out in the Farmlan's and tha's a plain fact. Ye'r bag might fetch seventy or eighty dollars,. perhaps. Tha's a fair chunk o' silver an' no mistake.

"Oh, an' fer beds, sorry sir, but the Turtle is fer drinkin and company. We' ain't got no beds an' tha's the truth of it."

Gentlebeasts, don't feel the need to copy his speech pattern. Otters talk like a New England farmer trying to play Long John Silver, more's the pity.
A drink sounds good
By: Cas
Posted: Friday, September 20, 2002 02:54:20 PM
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Just because I am having the hardest time with pronouns, I just want lay this down. Cas is female but looks very masculine. She is obviously hiding many of her features but quite clearly only for a cursory glance.

Cas ponders the thought for a moment as to what to drink when her mouth begins to salivate, "I could really go for something strong to drink and some raw meat perhaps."

Giving Faliol a bit of attention, "Okay, I'll trust you to get us onto a job. I'll also watch your back... That place is rather well known for being a bit shady."

Cas flexes her claw muscles on her more beast like paw, "I'm getting ansy to get out of this city soon."

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A bottle of anything and a glazed donoug
By: Riccoco
Posted: Saturday, September 21, 2002 06:06:54 AM
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I glance around shifting slightly, as my oilskin cloak rustles noisily, "Ol' Riccoco be more interested in learning what be happenin' around the city. Riccoco worry about sellin' the dreamleaf.".oO(I'd like to be finding out who that Dobe be working for and what their doing with the Night Folk women.)Oo.

Eyes refocusing on the subject at hand, I say to the otter, "Riccoco be havin' one oh those berry ales, if you please."
Berry Drink? Eww
By: Cas
Posted: Sunday, September 22, 2002 06:34:53 AM
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Cas looks over the 'coon with a smile, "Riccoco is it? The name is Cas. Pleased to meet you. I'd extend a paw but the last person who took it lost a lot of blood."

Cas is pretty desperate right about now though you would never tell by her facial expressions. After the drinks arrive she raises her cup at the table for a toast, "Here's to new friends and new stories!"

She seems to be having much difficulty holding the glass steady up in a toast with her awkward shaped paws. She doesn't try making contact with any other glasses at the table or risk tumbling her drink all over the table top.
Faliol's mind wanders back to the table
By: Faliol
Posted: Sunday, September 22, 2002 01:31:32 PM
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OOC: Sorry for the silence. I have been sick the last few days. Feeling better.

.oO(Crap, my mind wandered, gotta pay attention)

"Begging your pardon, good sirs. I am more tired than I realized. Thank you for your generosity, Riccoco. I will have a berry ale as well."<

I wait for the drinks to arrive, listen to Cas' toast, raise my glass and say, "To new friends and new stories!" I take a long sip.

.oO(Yikes! This stuff is vile! How does the raccoon drink it?)

"That is good berry ale, it is! Riccoco, you asked about whether people would gather behind the Merchant Hall at this hour. Well, you are correct, no they normally wouldn't. But I had planned on travelling first to the Promethean Docks and then back towards the Merchant Hall. If my estimates serve me well, by the time we make the trip, some people may be found behind the Hall." I take another sip...

.oO(By my bushy tail, this berry ale will be the death of me!)

"Ahhhhh. That hit the spot! So what do you two say? Shall we finish our drinks and check the Docks? You know what the pinkies say, 'early bird gets the worm'."
Lip smackn' good
By: Riccoco
Posted: Monday, September 23, 2002 04:42:23 AM
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"Aye, to new friends," I heft my tankard (?) with the others, glancing once more towards the door.

.oO(And all that rot. Keeping moving is probably the best thing for me.)

The raccoon drinks thirstily, his lips smacking afterwards. He reaches up to wipe some foam from his whiskers, "Iffin' yore both sure you don't want another drink, Riccoco wouldn't mind a jaunt about." He hefts the bag resting at his feet, "Especially iffin' it'll help me bag a few dollars."
About Time
By: Cas
Posted: Monday, September 23, 2002 05:58:20 AM
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A nice thick, raw steak is delivered to Cas about that moment. In under a heart beat the steak is cut by her claws into three smaller portions, one being immediately consumed. After a bit of chewing, "I'm all for heading out as soon as everyone is ready. The sooner we get onto the road the sooner we get out of this over crowded city."

She eats the second portion almost quickly as the first. The third is savoured and consumed in a much slower manner.
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, September 23, 2002 09:33:24 AM
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The three of you finish your various repasts. While you consume, several songs are sung by the regulars. Most of them concern country life or "country matters".
The barkeep takes your money*, and bids you, "Come again, good gentlebeasts. The 'Turtle always has room for more." The sounds of the tavern fade into the general nighttime buzz of the city. Those of you familiar with the city advise a long path around the Shambles. It's not a safe place at night for man nor beast.
Crossing the Saber River is done without hassle. The thickly wooded Shannon's Isle is quiet tonight, with few people going from one hill to the other. Turning left after the last bridge, you walk along the waterfront, the warm air pungent with the smell of the sea, even this far inland.

Please proceed to The Promethean Docks

* Unless it is a plot point, assume that you have enough coinage for small matters of day-to-day life. Cas, you are the only one this is a bit of a blow to. Seafood is the primary protein source of Tallon, and raw meat is a little pricey for someone in your present circumstances.
Cripes! The boss is coming!