Looking for a Lineman
By: TheGM
Posted: Thursday, October 3, 2002 01:43:46 AM
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Reply to At the Ferry Landing
Vagrant, it has been a strange and disturbing six months in this savage new world. The cryotubes you awoke from were upriver from some weird barbarian city called "Karkul." It was like something out of a fantasy novel. Your memories of the tubes themselves are very fuzzy. You vaguely remember being very sick and hurt. You were nursed to health by a family of rabbits(!) who worked a small farm. They claim to have found you floating downstream on a log, raving about, "The jungle! The jungle!" Once you got over your shock of talking humanoid rabbits and realized you weren't hallucinating, you began to learn something of their language. It bears about as much relationship to English as English does to Old/Middle English. Understandable, but just barely. In fact, you can barely remember your old tongue now as trying to hold both in your head is difficult.The rabbits brought you to the Karkul to seek healing.
The doctors there couldn't do much for you. They said there was something odd and possibly "riven" about your "morphia". It sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to disguise the fact that their "magic" wouldn't work. You have since learned better.
After the failed magical healing, you were left to fend for yourself. You discovered that the sight of your scarred flesh was repellent to most people and learned to cover your deformity. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done to disguise your voice.
After a month of this pathetic existence, you got stronger and learned a few things. You came to understand that you had awoken in the far future, when the climate or something had changed. Perhaps nuclear radiation had mutated the animals, too. Nevertheless, Karkul had some ruins less than a day's travel away. You took to prowling about them, searching from some clue as to What Happened. You found no clues, but your eyes, trained to see things familiar to your old life, began to pick out treasures others had missed. You began collecting ball point pens, coffee cups, CD's, and other junk. You soon discovered there was a market for collectors. The problem is that most of the cities regarded any really "Good stuff" (vinyl LPs, which can be played, written material and art) was viewed as property of the city by Eminent Domain. In order to survive, you had to sell the good stuff to black market collectors.
You have made a few contacts travelling from Karkul to Orodon, and to Tallon. Once you travelled to Adala.
You have recently come into possession of three old Movie Posters (your choice). They were horribly brittle, faded and damaged, but you had an adept contact in Tallon who could use these strange abilities some people possess to restore them substantially. Now you need to find a travelling adept who can carry the ley line for them until you can sell them to a collector in Adala, who will pay you twice easily what you could get for them elsewhere. (As you understand it, the powers adepts possess fade rapidly as distance increases. You need someone to hold the enhancement until your buyer can arrange for a local ley line holder, or the prints will rapidly deteriorate again.)

Where you are now:
You are hanging out by the Promethean docks, waiting for the ferry to the trading post across the inlet. Here you hope to find an adept travelling to Adala who can carry the ley line. The adept who restored the prints (Stichard is his name) will have to transfer it to the new carrier. He is a shady sort (of course) and prefers the night to the day. His house is about a block away from the ferry landing. We can assume you are in a little inn with a room that overlooks the ferry landing. You have arranged a bribe for ferryman to send a message to the inn if a caravan is headed for the trading post and hence, Adala. The innkeeper informs you that such a message has been received.
Restoring the prints has eaten up nearly all your cash. You have little to offer to a lineman (as the term is called) except perhaps a percentage of the profit.

Little bits you have picked up:
You have a very basic understanding of adept abilities. Very basic.
You have seen them do things that defy Newtonian physics.
From the decay you have seen, less than a thousand years seems to have elapsed, but this is just guesswork.
The moon is larger (closer) and rotates. I have never mentioned this to a player before, and it is not in the worldbook. Likewise Polaris is visibly off North.
You have yet to work out that the earth has tipped and think you are somewhere in what was North America. The geography, climate and vegetation makes no sense.
The anthem of Tallon is clearly derived from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. the first time you heard it played with full martial seriousness you were nearly arrested because you couldn't stop laughing.
You remember vaguely firing your gun at some big lizard folk in the jungle. When you tried it later to protect yourself from bandits, it failed. You could find nothing wrong with the mechanism or the bullets. They just failed to fire.

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looking for a lineman
By: Vagrant
Posted: Thursday, October 3, 2002 02:12:05 PM
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I scan the room wondering if there are any traveling adepts within the inn itself. If I see no one that may be able to help I leave for the dock looking to see if any traveling adepts are located there. In either place, if I find someone to approach I will whisper in my raspy voice, "Am I mistaken or would you have the ability to carry the ley line of a couple enhanced items of old?"

The ferryman
By: TheGM
Posted: Thursday, October 3, 2002 09:42:19 PM
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No traveling adepts in the inn. However, going out to the ferry, you are signalled by the ferryman. He glances nervously at your ragged cloaked figure, clears his throat and begins, "You eh, you wanted me to let you know when there were travellers, that is to say, a caravan headed for Adala. While back, there was a group of barbarians, most of them beasts asking the same thing. They went off in search of work, hoping to hire themselves on, boss.
"If I ain't mistaken, I expect that's them now."

To the south, coming up the waterfront are two vehicles. The larger wagon is pulled by two oxen and driven by a beast of some sort. The smaller is a horse cart, driven by a human. Both are piled with goods. They are still too far off to see clearly, but there may be as many as a dozen people altogether.
You have a couple of minutes before they get within greeting distance.
speaking to the Ferryman
By: Vagrant
Posted: Friday, October 4, 2002 04:37:54 AM
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"Ferryman, where there any humans of the magical sort with them? I am need of one that will travel with us to Adala."
By: TheGM
Posted: Friday, October 4, 2002 09:01:40 AM
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The ferryman looks somewhat perplexed. "Magical?" he says, "I don't know anything about magical. Odd word. Sounds barbarian. They was a barbarian in their group, tall woman with some kinda paint or scars around her eyes."
Understanding dawns. "Oh, you mean was any of 'em an adept? Nay, I'd say not likely. The tribes can squirt out a sighted person or two so I hear, but they ain't got any adepts. However, yon group has a might greater number than they had before. Might be a lineman in the crowd."
He seems more at ease now and spits casually into the harbor. He begins to make preparations for the arrival of the caravan, making sure the gangplank and deck are clear of cart obstructions and the like.
By: Vagrant
Posted: Friday, October 4, 2002 10:16:20 AM
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"Yes, yes..a lineman is what I need. Say, how well do you know some in this crowd? Can they keep a secret?"
By: TheGM
Posted: Friday, October 4, 2002 11:43:40 AM
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Sorry boss, never met any before tonight. Say wait, Now that I think about it,I think I've ferried all the foxes in the past. Foxes are decent enough folk, but you can't really trust 'em. The Barbarian has been hanging around the trading post all week and jsut came into town tonight. I don't rightly remember the name of the girl on th ebig wagon, but I think she's related to a bigwig merchant.
"Ah, here they are!"
Cripes! The boss is coming!