By: TheGM
Posted: Friday, December 6, 2002 08:31:22 AM
Viewable By: Rath, Handle, Vagrant, Riccoco, Nuyok, Beka, Faliol, TheGM, Celeste, Cas
Nuyok, you are escorted by a soldier up to the top of the hill, where the stone manor house overlooks the inlet. You notice that the walls of the manor are enhanced to withstand attack, but there are areas of unenhanced stonework that could work as "windows" for spirit sight. The guard rings a bell, which summons a valet who opens the gate and leads you into the house itself.
The house is well furnished inside. Nice furniture, art on the walls, tapestries; not what you would expect in a frontier fort. You are bid to wait in a medium sized chamber with tapestry wall hangings in high alcoves. The ceiling is about 20 feet with rich dark wood beams. The light comes from a chandelier which reflects a lumina crystal throught the room. there are no windows. The whole room is enhanced, walls and tapestries. There are four chairs in the room, tow on opposite walls. There is a fift chair, somewhat raised and better made than the others which you presume belongs to Master Ash.

At no time is your Detect HI triggered.

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By: Nuyok
Posted: Saturday, December 7, 2002 09:05:46 AM
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Nuyok will wait in the typically socially acceptable manner, presumably standing and casually observing the tapestries, but primarily focusing on noticing the appearance of Master Ash.

What sort of communication could occur between this Fort and Tallon? There's no sort of psychic communication that could have occurred, passing info about me?
Psychic Communication
By: TheGM
Posted: Saturday, December 7, 2002 09:41:45 AM
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As far as you know, the only way to pass a message very quickly over long distances is by giving it to a bird Talker.
Master Ash
By: TheGM
Posted: Saturday, December 7, 2002 10:11:10 AM
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After an interval of several minutes, Master Ash enters. He is, like is namesake, gray. He has long steel-gray hair and a close-cropped, neatly trimmed beard the color of a brillo pad. His eyes are gray and even his skin has a dark, colorless palour. Nevertheless, he gives the appearance of careful thought and concealed energy. He is dressed in a black tunic and kilt.
He gives you an appraising look, and says in a level voice that betrays nothing of his intent, "I know you. You are Judge Bane's proteg?. What, I wonder, does his honor have interest in out here that would send you so far into the stone-forsaken wilds?"
No Hostile intent detected. He does not seem a particularly warm and loving individual, though.
By: Nuyok
Posted: Sunday, December 8, 2002 11:08:26 AM
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He knows Nuyok, does Nuyok know him or of him?

"The Fort here is merely a stopping point in a very discreet and personal matter, but seeing as I am here, how can I be of assistance?"
By: TheGM
Posted: Sunday, December 8, 2002 07:56:24 PM
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2, 1, 4 STUN: 7 BODY: 2
Good INT Roll

Yes, you have heard of Master Ash. He was a prominent psychist (and morphist or animist, you're not certain which) in the city. He was very active politically about five years ago. His was a frequently dissenting voice in public policy, though he held no official office. He nevertheless had a fairly deovted following. About five years ago after a public embarassment which has no bearing on the situation at hand, he was "gifted" with the position of Master of Fort Lizard. It was Bane's contention that he was put someplace where he could be of little nuisance. Think of him as a Jesse Jackson type position--lots of political clout, no official standing.

Master Ash seems to accept your explanation without further comment. "Tell me Adept Nuyok, if you are determined to help, what exactly it is that you can do? The lineman are... no longer with us to put it delicately. What I need is someone who will help to hold the ley lines on the fort until reinforcements come. If this is but a 'stopping point', I can't see expending the effort to transfer them when my energies would be better spent turning the shifters*. Can you turn them? Have you ever been part of a military operation? Can you follow orders? Can you stomach a fight?
Before I know if you can be of aid, I need to know your character."
He seems to be studying you intently. Although his words could be interpreted as provocative, his attitude is cool and his one even. As a matter of fact, his manner is infuriatingly similar to the cool exterior you often project. If he is probing you, you cannot detect it. (You know that a true reading of your psyche would be detectable and require touch, but he might be able to read your emotional state.)

Shifters = adept technical term for reavers
By: Nuyok
Posted: Monday, December 9, 2002 07:46:51 AM
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"I am not military man, and I do not know whether my mission would allow for the time to remain until reinforcements arrive, but I can hold my own and am willing to do what I can. Presumably what will determine what I can do will be whether the caravan I was traveling with will be pressed into service here - if so, I cannot see traveling on until that is resolved."

What does he mean by "turn" them? As in, turning the undead? I recall it mentioned that "turning" reavers was something thought able to be done by adepts, but I'm sure that's nothing Nuyok's had to encounter.
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, December 9, 2002 01:37:23 PM
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Yes turning as in 'turning undead'. And you are correct that it is something you have heard of as possible, but have never needed to learn. Judge Bane never spoke of it.
Master Ash continues to gaze intently at you while he speaks.
"Very well. You're city-bred, but you'll have to do. Do you have healing skills?" If so, Barracks #3 has been set up as an infirmary.
"If not, are you trained as a lineman? Even if you cannot stay long enough to hold lines, can you control a warhawk or other golem war engines?" [no]
What this adept is adept at
By: Nuyok
Posted: Monday, December 9, 2002 01:59:38 PM
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"Not being of the military, I lack training in the controlling such things, but would be willing to learn. I am adept at healing, however, and am willing to help out in that way to the best of my ability, which as it was your first option, sounds as if it's in greater need anyway. Is there any other information on the situation that you think I should be aware of?"

Does one's spirit sense enable one to see that someone is operating lines (e.g., Nuyok sees him controlling lines here, he sees Nuyok controlling lines to Vagrant's stuff), and presumably if so, can you tell anything about what is being controlled (i.e., can he tell what items Nuyok is controlling, and can Nuyok see what he's controlling)?
Very well
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, December 9, 2002 02:17:30 PM
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Master Ash nods, as if that was the answer he was expecting. "Very well, report to the doctor* at the barracks to your left as you leave the house. But there is no hurry; none are in critical condition. If you can tarry a moment, please do me the favor of providing me with news of home. How is the Archon's health? And Bane's?"

Ley Lines: Ley lines are undetectable, even by those who hold them. They may not even exist as "lines", but only as a model to explain the phenomenon of deterioration of a spirit alteration over time and space. You are aware of what lines you hold, but cannot sense where the lines "go" to. It is possible that they could be detecable, but you know of no one who might be that incredibly skilled. More information is here, first paragraph.

*Doctor = not as respectable as "Healer". A doctor is a non-adept, relying on traditional methods.Although you have Healer skill, that dratted 'didn't go to the Hall' business keeps you from claiming the title "Healer".

Archon and Bane
By: Nuyok
Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 08:38:10 AM
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Nuyok will tell Ash of general recent events, including any information on the Archon's health (so how's Archon doing, anyhow?). As for Bane, Nuyok will pause and appear concerned (since he is!) and say "Regarding Master Bane, unseen enemies have been working against him, very dangerous indeed, and my travel is tied to this situation. Hopefully his enemies will be revealed and the matter may be resolved, but only time will tell."
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 09:36:04 AM
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"I'm sorry to hear the Archon's health is so... chaotic." He doesn't look sorry. Let us all hope for a speedy resolution to his difficulties.
"As for Bane, well a judge has many enemies, personal and political. Fortunately, I am no longer one of them. Good fortune on your travels, may you find a speedy resolution as well..."
You spend a few minutes with polite but guarded conversation. Are there any specific questions you would like to ask before he dismisses you to the infirmary?
Finally, in case he was probing you, can you give me your general internal emotional reaction to the interview?
Further questions, etc.
By: Nuyok
Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 11:40:28 AM
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Nuyok did want to know more about what was going on here, and what Ash suspected was behind what was going on here, as well as what sort of accomodations were available.

As for internal emotional state, concerned about personal safety (both from the reavers/riven and if word of Bane had arrived) and revealing too much.

At any point did Ash's spirit give away anything? Also, is it bad form to Spirit Sense other adepts, or is it assumed, as the default sense operating? Also, can an adept tell whether another adept is using spirit sense on them?
Response and Spirit Sense
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 02:01:11 PM
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In response to your perfectly valid inquiries about the situation, Master Ash replies, "There have been a series of concerted attacks in the last five days. Always after nightfall. Each time, the forces have become more powerful. There are an unusual number of shifters in the area. Normally, they are not that much of a problem. the walls, like the walls of Tallon are enhanced. As you doubtless know, this is a deterrent to the shifters.
"Unfortunately, two nights ago, a large animal, probably a deezel, riven to tremendous size, sterngth and resiliency, breached the wall. A shifter entered and did a remarkable amount of damage before I could turn it. Unfortunately, we lost a great number of people who have returned as riven. Even our linemen succumbed. Well, truth to tell, they were killed by riven, not shifted by reavers.
"We are currently awaiting our scheduled rotation of soldiers and equipment by the river ferry. They should be here in about ten days. I sent out runners to call for more aid, but alas, they have probably failed in their task.
Oh, as for accomodations, you are welcome to a room here, of course. Our stature commands privelege. Your companions may purchase lodging at the inn, and if I know Commander Mako, those who fight will be provided for."

Scanning and spirit sense. If he were trying to read your emotional state you, he would be using the minor devotion Read Psyche, a devotion you do not have. Sight and Reading are invisible, even to adepts, though you may make a shrewd guess about his actions due to his intense concentration.
Spirit Sight is considered a default sense and there is no stigma to using it on another adept. Reading a psyche might be considered a bit invasive, but given the circumstances (you are in his house, and he is the one in charge here, and they are in a dangerous time and place) it is not out of line. You would do it in his place.
All your normal spirit sight reveals to you is that he is indeed an adept, and that his clothing is enhanced, probably to act as armor. On a critical perception roll: ( 1, 4, 3 STUN: 8 BODY: 2)... sorry, no crit.

Reavers, Deezels, and Riven, oh my!
By: Nuyok
Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 02:24:38 PM
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"Thank you for the information and the hospitality. Given my lack of experience with Shifters, any information you could provide would be appreciated, especially on turning since it appears inevitable that another encounter with such will occur. Presumably I should speak with the caravan to see what arrangements have made, as well as check in with the infirmary to help out."
Turning a Shifter
By: TheGM
Posted: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 03:13:06 PM
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Master Ash considers this. "a battlefield is a dangerous place to learn about turning, but you shouldn't lack for opportunity. Shifters, or 'reavers' in the common parlance are turned by force of will*. Simply order it away. Soemtimes it works, sometimes not. The consequences of failure you can find in the infirmary.
I have not the time to give you proper training, but should you wish to try, you can stand on the wall and attempt it. The walls should keep you safe from reprisal.
"The biggest problem is if one breaks through. Then you must 'do or die' as the soldiers say. Or you could stay safely in the infirmary. Your choice. I give you leave either way." And now, I have certain preparations to make before the night's entertainment. Do not let me detain you."
And the audience is ended, just like that. Where will you go and what will you do?

*Ego roll with a negative modifier of unknown value...
The End
By: Nuyok
Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2002 08:31:19 AM
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Is he saying that Nuyok can go to the wall at any given time and spot a reaver to turn?? I assume he means at some point in which one decides to show itself?

"For now I will go to the infirmary, but should another assault begin, I will take the opportunity to try turning - it can only be useful in the future."

Nuyok intends to leave Ash's, return to the caravan cart and wagon to see who is around and retrieve his pack if need be (presumably to take to Ash's after going to the infirmary), and spend a few moments looking for Beka to speak with (which will determine whether Nuyok needs to take the pack, depending on what the plan is) or whoever else is around, and thereafter head to the infirmary (provided something else doesn't arise).
Moving on
By: TheGM
Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2002 09:16:07 AM
Viewable By: Nuyok, TheGM
Yes, he is basically giving you free run of the fort, at least as far as the walls, infirmary and general areas go. Presumably, you would need permission to enter the armory, for instance.

You find the caravan with Jareek and Kent. They are just finishing securing the cargo and all. Kent says that the others went to the armory some time ago. Jareek asserts that he was pretty sure he saw them head back down to the wall. "And now we're going to the inn for some supper. Will you be going with us or heading elsewhere?"
If you go to the inn, I will add you to that thread. Since you indicated that you wanted to speak to Beka, a short search and some questions should lead you to her. A soldier tells you, "They's plannin' strategy up in the Gatehouse. You can wait down here if you like. At this point his companion says, "Idjit! He's a Master. Mako'd want to speak to him. You can go on up, sir."
As you start up the stairs, you see a young woman, obviously a kitchen type, yet fresh and attractive, also heading up the stairs. She has a small pack on her back and is carrying a large pot on a stick balanced on her shoulder. She greets you in a rather forward manner with a crooked grin.
"Evening sir. Can I be of any assistance?"
By: Nuyok
Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2002 01:25:08 PM
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To Jareek and Kent, Nuyok will ask where Beka is, that I'm trying to figure out what the caravan plan is. (I'm guessing she's at the Gatehouse, thus where I'm going?)

To the young woman, Nuyok will nod politely, lightly smile, and respond "Thank you, yes, I could use some assistance. I understand there is a strategy session going on here, could you direct me to it? And anything else you think I should know, I would appreciate it."
By: TheGM
Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2002 01:54:34 PM
Viewable By: Nuyok, TheGM
"Why, I'll lead you wherever you have a notion to go. Follow me," She leads you up the stairway; you could swear that her hips swing a little more than necessary to balance the pot. (Which your sight can see is filled with hot stew, BTW).
She takes you up to a door and knocks three times on it. A slot opens and a pair of eyes look out.
"Evening, Cori", a voice says, "Commander, supper's here."
The door opens and a very short hallway leads into the gatehouse. The room you enter has about half a dozen soldiers, the Commander you met at the gate, and some of your party: Beka, Cas, Celeste, Faliol and Riccoco to be specific. Some of them sport new weapons, and Riccoco's armor has been replaced with a military vest of the type worn by otters on land duty.
I am going to try to add you to the existing gatehouse thread. It is called "At the Wall".
By: Nuyok
Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2002 02:47:01 PM
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OOC: What do you mean by "crooked" grin? As in crooked teeth, or as in one of those looks?
Cori's grin
By: TheGM
Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2002 08:26:20 PM
Viewable By: Nuyok, TheGM
One of those looks. Attractive, yet different.
Cripes! The boss is coming!