Infirmary II
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2003 09:03:38 AM
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The infirmary has five patients at the moment. It appears to be an ordinary army barracks, being used for the sick and wounded. Of the five patients, all are soldiers, one is female and one is an otter. The nastiest case is a burn victim, the others seem to be suffering from various wounds or in two cases, broken bones. The otter is sitting up and appears to be recuperating from a body wound. The air is not pleasant.
The heavyset doctor, obviously a soldier as well, comes to your call. His counteance is scowling. "I'm Lt. Stout and I am the closest we have to a doctor. What's the problem now, and who are you?" He doesn't seem unfriendly, just generally annoyed at life.

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Hand me a stout stout, Stout.
By: Riccoco
Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2003 10:28:07 AM
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Riccoco peers up at Stout his muzzle twitching at the smelly infirmary. "I be Ric... Bandit." He gestures towards his Tallon inscribed armor. "'Ol Riccoco came in earlier today with a group of travellers." Stretching onto his toes with eyes for the wounded, he whispers, "Commander Mako be needin' some doctoral aid... Leiutenant. He be havin' Riccoco run straight here from the Gatehouse."

His message relayed, his eyes are drawn to the otter. Some sort of memory niggling at his 'coon brain.

.oO(What be it Mako said about otter folk? Mayhap it was that Doom, fella.)
Stouthearted Raccoon
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2003 01:25:09 PM
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Stout pinches his facewith his left hand in a gesture of exhaustion. "Can you at least give me some idea of the wound I'm treating?" He begins to gather the tools of his profession, pausing only to make sure all his patients are stable.

The otter grins at you and gives you a thumbs up sign.
X marks the spot (editted)
By: Riccoco
Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2003 01:31:01 PM
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Ricco makes an 'X' mark on his side. "He took a blade right through the trunk, he did. In one side an' out the other. He be a tough one, Mr. Stout."

Taking a brief step towards the otter, Riccoco speaks to him. "Where abouts were you fightin', soldier? Hold the wall again' the Twisted?"

.oO(This armor might come in handy once we get back to Tallon! Mayhap, I can get word from the Harbor.)

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Pep's story
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2003 10:59:30 PM
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The otter grins at you, though a bit weakly. He repies, "Oh aye! I was patrollin' the harbor y'see. An' this bloody cracklin' reaver came screamin' up the inlet. Eerie sight, too, with its lightnin' reflectin' in the water. Me an' Tekko was just about ready ta turn the water yella if ye folla me.
Fortunately, we had the spirit chain across the mouth. Twisters can't pass no spirit stuff, right? So's it pitches up right at the barrier. I swears that thing look angry as a hornet nest on fire.
"Well about that time, whiles me an' Tekko is lookin' at it, over the chain slithers some piece o' riven nastiness like you never saw. Part human, part snake, part somethin' you couldn't mention in polite company, y'understands. It starts makin for the chainhouse. I guess it figgered it was gonna drop the chain.
"No chance o' that, says I. You got ta know the password and the chain raises and lowers itself-like, see? Can't do it by hand. Tekko an' me commences to fightin, when twang! out of the dark comes an arrow to me gut. Tekko cuts the rivvy a new one while I pitch over into the water. Right over the chain! Woulda got Twisted if Tekko hadn't pulled me back."

"You'd be dead if Healer Nuyok hadn't come along when he did, Pep," interjects Stout. "Now if you two are finished with the beastly news, I've got my gear ready. Lead on, Bandit."
Pep and vigor
By: Riccoco
Posted: Wednesday, January 8, 2003 10:31:35 AM
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Riccoco nods towards Stout and pats Pep. "This 'coon glad to be hearin' the Harbor be holdin' again' the Reavers, Pep. Good to see you be makin' it another day as an Otter an' not somethin' else, too."

Stepping away to lead Stout to the Gatehouse, Riccoco pauses, "Need to be gettin' on Pep. There be a Wall to hold for the rest a' this long night! Be keepin' the Faith. We still be fightin' the good fight!"

With that Ricco heads out the door. "We be needin' to be quick, Stout. Got good legs?"
Good Legs
By: TheGM
Posted: Wednesday, January 8, 2003 01:23:51 PM
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Stout scowls. "Lead on, Bandit. I may not be lightning, but I'll get there as soon as may be."
He trots after you towards the gatehouse.
Cripes! The boss is coming!