By: TheGM
Posted: Friday, January 17, 2003 02:24:14 PM
Viewable By: TheGM, Rath, Vagrant, Riccoco, Nuyok, Faliol, Cas, Celeste, Handle, Beka
Rath, you search for a couple of hours. It's funny that you don't feel as afraid as you might. Walking through the jungle brings back memories of home, and the idea of meeting with other riven doesn't sound too bad. After a while, you find a pretty good set of tracks that leads to an encampent. You are pretty sure you have been moving noiselessly.
Before you can actually see anyone, you hear a voice. Pressing into the damp loamy ground, your ears overhear half a conversation. The voice is dry and clicky, like something that scurries away on six legs when someone lights a room.
" 'Cause I said so you ugly piece of dung."
"No we wait for tonight. Tonight it all comes down. Then the twisters clean up the place."
"Tango was an idiot. He and his boys were too eager and they jumped the time. The boss says when we move, and that's not till tonight. Trust me, there's no one left who can see. No one left to hold it together."
The mumbling ceases and there is once again silence.

[EDITED on Sat March 1, 2003 @9:12 AM (PST)]
By: Rath
Posted: Friday, January 17, 2003 02:40:26 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
.oO(The attack is tonight, I should return with news. I will right after
I get an idea of how many are going to be attacking. Maybe I can even
find out who this 'boss' is).

I'll try to move closer so I can see who is talking. I'll move as
stealthily as possible.
By: TheGM
Posted: Friday, January 17, 2003 11:14:52 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
OOC: Give me a Stealth Roll listing and a [roll] command when you do stuff like this; it saves me time form looking up everyone's character sheet. Thanks.

Rath, although you are as cautious as can be, as you inch carefully closer, a stone, slickened by the recent days of rain, slides down an embankment and rolls to a stop. You hold your breath, even trying to will your heart to stop beating.

It does no good; the next thing you know there is crashing in the forest all around and hurried shouts. A figure reveals itself from a small ring of stones, half obscured by underbrush. He looks like a five foot tall human cockroach. Though you are riven yourself, there is something primal in the look of him that grips you by the hindbrain and makes you cringe. His mandibles constantly move as he gives orders.
"Cargo! Scraps! Snarl! Catch him up! I want to know what he heard!"
By: Rath
Posted: Saturday, January 18, 2003 05:31:41 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
OOC: I posted a steath roll earlier, and I didn't want you to think that since I didn't roll well, I was trying to pad my rolls : ) I'll roll from now on though."Wait, wait, I'm one of you." I take off my shirt. I heard rumors that there was a gathering and wanted to join. You guys are gonna attack a human village?" I hold up my ax, stroke the edge, and smile with as much malice as I can "I gotta get me some 'o that, you guys gotta let me in."
One of us?
By: TheGM
Posted: Saturday, January 18, 2003 09:27:20 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
The cockroach man considers this.
"Hold up, you lot!" He approaches a little closer and beckons his companions to do likewise.
Out of the jungle, and from the circle of stones come three nasty-looking customers.
The first looks like a classic "wolfman" but with eight limbs of great length. He has a bandage around his midsection.
The second looks like the walking dead. He is literally rotting before your eyes, with the attendant odor problem. Oddly, no matter how much he rots, there always seems to be more. Small pieces drop from him as he walks.
The third is huge. He stands nearly nine feet tall and is almost as wide. He has greyish skin and a monstrous visage. He has claws for hands.

"This is Snarl, Scraps and Cargo. Legs is up in the trees. You can't see him I'm Houma. I'm the leader here, so if you want to stay healthy, you'll jump when you hear me. Right now Houma needs some answers from you."

OOC: Assuming you aren't planning something like springing to attack or freedom, I'll list all his questions here and you can reply to them in one post.

"What's your name four-arms?"
"You had that axe long?"
"How long have you been riven?"
"Where did you rumors?"

You notice that cargo is standing protectively over Houma.
Here we go...
By: Rath
Posted: Sunday, January 19, 2003 06:18:00 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"My name is Rath,"
.oO(Rats shouldn't have given my real name).

"Actually, I just took this off one of the guards at the fort back that
way, dead men have little use for weapons. Before he died he told me
about a band of riven that was attacking, he thought I was one of the
band. I decided to track you down"

"I've been riven ever since I was 8"
.oO(Doesn't have to know that it was only two years ago)

"So what's up, am I in or not?"
In... Provisionally
By: TheGM
Posted: Sunday, January 19, 2003 07:27:28 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"Alright... Rath," says Houma, "You're in. For now. But I'm gonna make you Cargo's buddy. Cargo doesn't like tratiors. You stay close to him. You get more than a dozen feet away, even to water the plants, he'll rip those arms off you like peeling an artichoke, got me?"
"Now here's what's going down. Last night, a fool jumped the signal and attacked. The real attack's going down tonight, but here's the deal. Tonight, we don't kill anyone. You just grab and hold. You look like you'll be good at that. We aren't breaking in; we're keeping the... normals from breaking out. The wall won't help them, not after tonight. When our screamer friends get there, they'll be panicky enough so they should be easy pickings.
"I've got to go see Legs, now. You stick close to Cargo."
With that, the shiny brown insect-man walks up the tree as easy as you would walk down a sidewalk. There is some whispering from above, but it is too faint to make out.
Cargo lumbers forward, "Wee gon' be budddies, eh?" He rumbles an unpleasant laugh and claps you on the back with a hand the size of a tennis racket.
By: Rath
Posted: Monday, January 20, 2003 05:28:08 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"Heh, yeah, we're buddies. So what are these 'Screamer' things? And why
do we just have to hold the normals, why can't we kill them. Killing
them would be a lot more fun."
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, January 20, 2003 09:36:48 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
Cargo swivels his massive watermelon-sized head to look at you. "Yooo sure don' know much dooya? Screamers is Reaverrs. An' we don' kill 'em cause Mr. Houma says so. All parta the plan, see?

The other visible riven are puttering about the camp or taking watch positions. The wolf guy glowers at you for a moment before mounting a sheltered rise that makes an excellent lookout.
By: Rath
Posted: Monday, January 20, 2003 09:50:04 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"we're working with Reavers? And what's this plan, how am I supposed to
help with the plan if I don't know what we're supposed to do?"
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, January 20, 2003 01:33:39 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
Cargo scratches his big head. "Mr. Houma be tellin' yoo the plan when yoo need to know it. Mr. Houma maybee don' trust yoo yet. What can yoo doo, 'sides fight? Can yoo make weapuns, or nets, or she-ulds? How strong arr yoo?
"Don' trus' anywun who ain't twisted by the bosses screemers.
He seems to feel he has said too much, for he looks about to see if anyone is paying attention. Since no one is, he turns back to you, eying you a little suspiciously.
By: Rath
Posted: Monday, January 20, 2003 03:57:32 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"Whoa easy big fella, I was only asking. How am I supposed to help out
if I don't know what it is I'm supposed to be helping out with? Look if
you don't want me around I'll go find someone else to baby sit me."

OOC: I look around and try to find Houma. I'll wait until he's by
himself or at least far enough away that I could talk to him without
being over heard too easily. If I get the opportunity:

"Cargo I think Houma wants to talk to me" I'll trot over to Houma
quickly and before Cargo gets there I'll say "Hey Houma, where you going
after this attack? What do you mean no where? Then why did Cargo tell me
that after this attack when he was in charge I'd have a lot more work to
do? What's going on here, I didn't sign up for anything like this."
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 01:09:09 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
Houma disappeared up the tree. You have not seen him since, and the canopy is too dark. Cargo moves with surprising swiftness should you get too far from him. He is taking his orders seriously.
"Hey yoo, forarms! I axed yoo some questions. You ain't in charge here so be uppen with them answers. Theres wurk a do, an' I godda know what you can do ta help. I'll axe ya again, only yoo doesn' seem to bright so's I'll talk slow-like:
"What can yoo doo, 'sides fight?
"Can yoo make spears, or nets, or she-ulds?
"How strong arr yoo?"
By: Rath
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 01:28:16 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"Sorry, I was kind of distracted, I'm pretty strong, but I'm not much of
a weapon maker."
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 10:13:15 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
Cargo seems to accept this answer. "OK, then iff yoor any good wid dat ax, help me find some good straight trees for speer poles. Also, iff yoo see any long vines, wee can use dose too."
While he leads you out of the camp area (yet remaining in the immediate vicinity), you see a couple more riven, and are introduced to them.

Miss Bones, who seems to be a walking skeleton, until you get very close and can make out whitish skin stretched tight over immaciated organs and muscles.
Tusk, who looks normal except for huge tusks emerging from an oversize mouth.
These two are both working on knotting vines into crude nets.

Tusk is marginally friendlier than the others, though all are rather rough. Some of them used to be soldiers. Surely they couldn't all have been bloodthirsty killers before their reavings?

EDITED to correct formatting problem.

[EDITED on Tue January 21, 2003 @11:03 PM (PST)]
By: Rath
Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 04:08:50 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
OOC: Rath assumes that this group is going to attack at nightfall, so
about how long do I have until nightfall? My plan is to either get Houma
alone and make him think there is going to be a coup, or if I don't get
this chance before nightfall as we leave I will put my Ax into his back,
and get that out of combat damage : ). If I have some time I start
looking for vines and talking.

"Tusk is it? How long you been with this band?"
By: TheGM
Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 09:07:29 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"Two, free dayth, maybe. I wath a thergeant before that." His tusks make an almost comic lisp. "Then the reaverth came and now thith ith where I belong. You weren't riven by the thame oneth, were you?"
By: Rath
Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 02:14:04 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"No I wasn't changed by the same reavers. Houma can control the screamers? How does that work?"
Houma returns
By: TheGM
Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 10:28:56 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"Wurk now, you axe questions of MISTER Houma, later."
Sure enough, after a while, Houma does return. He scoots out of the underbrush on all fours (no extra limbs), like his archetype. Long antenna twitch in your direction, then curle back behind his head. His carapace clicks slightly as he approaches.
"Has our new recruit given us any problems, Crago?"
"No, Mister Houma."
"Good, good k-k-k. Alright, lad. You're probably curious what we're up to. Well, I'll fill you in, at least a bit." His voice raises slightly, so the others can hear. "We, my brothers and sister are the beginning. The vanguard of a new era. Those who stand against us will fall, only to rise as our k-k-k comrades. We cannot be stopped. We cannot be resisted. With the screamers on our side, we will be a new power. The Purists will k-k-k quail and flee at our approach. We will k-k-k cast down the city of Tallon and raise a new Archon, a Master of the Riven, and we shall be his Twisted Legion!"
There is much enthusiasm at this point, and the riven are all clapping each others backs, hooting and making killing motions against imaginary foes. They seem quite sincere and zealous.
How do you react?
By: Rath
Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2003 12:56:26 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
I look at Houma suspiciously, when the cheering dies down some. "Who is
this 'Master of the Riven'? If I am to fight for him, and maybe die for
him, I should know who he is. We all should know."

.oO(Please don't be Master Ash, please don't be Master Ash)
Master of the Riven
By: TheGM
Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2003 02:20:45 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
Houma looks at you and you have the sudden suspicion he was waiting for you to ask this question.
"Oh no, lad. It's not that easy. You want to be in the show, you got to pay the price of admission. That price is played in blood and steel. Tonight, after victory, if you have proven yourself in k-k-k-combat, then you'll know. Not before.
"You hear that, you lot? No one tells Rath the name of the Master till after we reave the whole lot of those bastards. The whole lot!"
Oh yeah?
By: Rath
Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2003 05:22:54 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM

"Well who says you get to be leader? From what those guards said you've failed a lot of attacks already. Maybe it's time for someone else to lead this bunch."
Big Talk!
By: TheGM
Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2003 09:24:56 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
Houma considers your threat for a moment. Then he snaps his fingers with a raspy little click.
"Cargo. Hurt him."
The big riven moves with that surprising speed to swat you with one of his massive claws. He is huge and tough-looking (over nine feet tall and thickly muscled). He is unarmed, but his four-fingered hands end in respectable claws. Currently his hand is closed into a fist, but it could easily open depending on your reaction.
Let me know your immediate reactions and contingencies (fight/flight/parley, etc.).
To give you an idea, Houma is a half-move away and looks ready for an attack he has a sword, but it is sheathed. The other riven are all within a half-move of you, several have weapons out. I am assuming you would not say something like that without your weapon already in hand.

OOC: Good Luck!
Big Talk!
By: Rath
Posted: Friday, January 24, 2003 08:54:15 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"Listen up everyone, Master Ash and Horn have sent me to check on you and to
determine if Houma is fit to lead. From what I have seen he is not fit. Those
who stand against me stand against Master Ash and Horn."

.oO(I hope I'm not wrong about all this, or this is gonna get ugly)
Oooh. Clever young man...
By: TheGM
Posted: Saturday, January 25, 2003 09:38:14 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
Frst things first. Good soliloquy, but Cargo is already striking. Here is his PER roll to hear before his blow lands:
(PER 11-, 5, 4, 2 STUN: 11 BODY: 3, whew!)
Now for your PRE attack. (Base 3d6 +2d6 Good soliloquy) +1d6 (you are also riven), -2d6 (for not getting it quite right) = 4d6 ( 4, 6, 6, 3 STUN: 19 BODY: 4, good roll; that exceeds Cargo's PRE by 1)

Cargo checks his blow at the last second, his basketball-sized fist snatches back. In confusion he looks at Houma.
Houma stops short. "Master Ash and Horn, eh? Very interesting. If this is true, why the story? Also, what makes a barbarian like you think I'm not fit to lead? You've talked to me for five minutes total. I think you're bluffing."

Please try to answer without considering your response too long beforehand. Houma's putting you on the spot and putting pressure on you to think fast!
By: Rath
Posted: Saturday, January 25, 2003 05:30:46 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
I just read this, and am replying right away

"I'm bluffing? Then how did I know about your Riven Master? Just some
lucky guess huh? Barbarian? You know less about me then you claim I know
about you. I was in town, I have heard first hand of your failures. I
see how ill prepared this group is. You have no idea what sort of
defenses the fort has in place. Did you know whatever Master Ash did to
the new Adept wore off, he's back to supporting the walls against the
screamers. .oO(Gods I didn't just blow it) You'd know that if you spent
some time with scouting."
By: TheGM
Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2003 04:06:58 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
There is some shuffling amongst the riven, but nobody looks ready to turn on Houma yet.
"Well, you obviously know a little. But you're lying about the Master sending you. I just received word and he said nothing about sending a new commander. I think you came in with the caravan yesterday. You're a clever bluffer Rath, but you destroyed any k-k-k- credibility you might have had when you mentioned Horn. Horn is a brok-k-ken fool and has nothing to do with the plan.
"Now who really sent you? Master Nuyok? Your life, or at least the length of it depends on the answer."
It is to laugh
By: Rath
Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2003 07:48:33 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"Horn a broken fool? You are out of the loop my friend. You have no idea
what you have gotten yourself mixed up in do you? I almost feel sorry
for you. Oh, and I am not to be a new commander, I am only here to
evaluate you and, if I deem it necessary put someone in charge who can
do the job. Unfortunately for you I had already made my decision by
interrogating the towns folk. You are a not fit to lead. You were given
more than ample forces and you failed to get the job done. You couldn't
even kill the head guardsman Mako when you had him at your mercy and
without him the whole town would have fallen...Did I come on the
caravan, your stupidity is showing, how many Riven you know fall in with
rich merchants? The more we talk the more convinced I am that you should
be relieved of command."
By: TheGM
Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2003 08:37:48 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
"To begin with, It is a 'fort', not a town, Mako is a 'Commander' not a guardsman and Horn is still a broken idiot. I have confirmation from Ash when I communicated with him while you were helping us. Finally, Master Ash gave express orders NOT to kill Mako."
Although you cannot read his alien face, you get the distinct impression that Houma is smiling a clever, sadistic smile.
"Oh my little friend in a big savage world, if you do come from Master Ash, you would know how he communicates with us. He would surely tell a trusted lieutenant...?"
You can see him raise his hand toward Cargo. You do not need to be told what will happen when that hand falls; Cargo's face is all too readable.
Gigs up
By: Rath
Posted: Monday, January 27, 2003 04:21:41 AM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
I give a little half smile and look him right in the eyes like I have him, and
then do my best to plant my Ax in his chest. My plan is to swing once at Houma
and try to take him out of the next fight and then run as fast as my little
riven legs will carry me (9" running so 18" NCM). Hopefully using some jungle
survival (12- roll) to help me get away. I'm also hoping that it is dusk and
the low light will also help.
Things look blackest...
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, January 27, 2003 09:34:22 PM
Viewable By: Rath, TheGM
Rath, you bring your axe around in a lightning stroke, aimed right at Houma's thorax. However, the nasty little roach is ready for this reaction and ducks, bending backward at the knee, while shouting "Cargo, Kill him!"
The huge riven pounces, his massive claw which had earlier been curled into a fist, now open and trying to rip your head off at the throat.
If you had a beard he would have shaved you clean; that's how close it is as you barely twist out of the way in time.
The rest of the riven close in, their attention focussed solely on you. There is murder in their eyes and a host of weapons in their hands. You are outnumbered at least six to one...

Please play this sound and then proceed to "TWARMS"
Cripes! The boss is coming!