Black Market
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Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2003 11:36:54 PM
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The City of Adala

Riccoco, I am moving you to a separate thread. Please post your actions here.
At this point...
By: Riccoco
Posted: Monday, May 19, 2003 07:33:41 AM
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Riccoco is going to range deeper into the areas surrounding The Hanging Tree. He'll head north of the city and wander the streets there, looking mostly for signs of civilization more urban than the Alehouse the Beasts found the night before.

Spending the morning in that edge of the 'city', he'll spend the afternoon checking the area of the Game Fields.

I'm not sure what sort of rolls you'd be wanting, but, I'd think Perception and Streetwise to be important.

The Dreamleaf was left with Master Kent. Basically, at this juncture, Ricco's curiosity has gotten the best of him and he's looking for something that just has to be here. He can't believe that the Beasts here would have nothing but the squallor of working the fields.

In order to have faith in the Beastly sorts, he's looking for this confirmation of his Faith in Beasts. If this seems like an area you'd rather not delve into that is okay to.
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Posted: Monday, May 19, 2003 09:25:26 AM
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OOC: Good to see you; I though we'd lost ya.

Riccoco, you spend your morning as planned and do in fact discover several items not apparent from the night before.

As you get to the crossroads of the hanging tree, you see that the swinging body is in fact human. There is a hood over the face (to protect the sensibilities of children?), but the body looks to have been swinging at least a week. It is not a sight you would see in Tallon, but it would appear to be an effective crime deterrent.

Starting at the alehouse from the previous night, you discover that it is attached to a specific farm. The beasts who drank there last night were workers on that farm, and the beer was produced there. Apparently the cheap price was only for outsiders, and the beasts who were drinking the night before got their ale at an even cheaper rate as a perk of working the farm. You discover that such places are common. Each arms sells its produce or goods at a reduced price to those who work there. The goods are usually small in amount so that the worker cannot horde and undercut the farm, but you just know that someone must be doing that, somewhere. The potential to make a dollar or two is just too great.

As you travel about the "Greens" as they are called, it becomes harder to find common folk enjoying leisure time. The fields are industrious and by all observations, prosperous. It is while you are passing a vineyard (one of many) that you notice a mole doing something odd. He originally catches your eye because moles are rare in the Saber River Valley, but you quickly become intrigued by his actions.

He has a number of butts (small barrels), and bottles. He appears to be combining dregs into two smaller bottles. He is doing this in plain sight, but he does seem to be downplaying his actions, keeping the vessels close to him while pouring.
A few things...
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Posted: Monday, May 19, 2003 11:12:24 AM
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OOC: I wasn't on the visibility with Faliol's entreaty. I'm not sure how you would like to figure that fiasco out.

Oh, and that is why it seemed like I was AWOL. I was wating for something... Anything and wasn't on a visible post! Aaaahhh! The horror.

Don't worry. Something drastic would have to happen for me to leave Savage Earth! I love the GM, players, the setting, and my character. What more could an addict ask for? : D

Are the 'Greens' the whole area between the picket and the Adala Wall proper? Or, are the 'Greens' the area surrounding the Games Fields?

Ricco eyes the mole specutatively, his muzzle pursing and whiskeres fidgeting.

.oO(What we got here now? Hide under the noses o' the walkers on?)

If possible Riccoco will take up a position to watch what is happening with the mole without seeming suspicious. Maybe Shadowing?
Mole Activities
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, May 19, 2003 01:24:42 PM
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OOC: The greens are the entirety of the area between the picket and the city walls. Tallon calls this area the "Farmlands"

As you watch the mole, he finishes his activities. He has shown some discrimination in what he salvages; his nose is apparently very sensitive. He has filled the two small bottles. He places the bottles in a sack and the sack over his shoulder. He does a little neatening up after this, replacing the butts and the empties. He seems to feeal comfortable about the place. He knows where tools are kept and where to put things away, at least.

Eventually, he looks about the place a final time and puts on a wide-brimmed floppy hat. This does not obscure his features but seems give his sensitive eyes protection from the intense sun. He leaves the courtyard and seems to nod at you from your observation spot. Whether he has seen you all along or is just now noticing you is impossible to tell.
Ricco, Private Eye
By: Riccoco
Posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 09:54:43 AM
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Intrigued, the plucky 'coon slips from his observation post and moves to follow the Mole. He tries to be inconspicuous but will speak with the mole if confronted.
Meeting mole
By: TheGM
Posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 09:32:45 AM
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He does indeed stop and take notice. "Grant 'ee guddun, Mizzercoon! Whur beyer bizzy t'day?"
Despite his deep brogue, he seems a likeable chap.
The Mark
By: Riccoco
Posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 11:07:34 AM
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Ricco's head tilts as he struggles to decipher the mole's brogue. Finally, a toothy smile splitting his muzzle, he says, "A good one to you an' yours as well, Mister Mole. Ol' Ric... Bandit be new to the ways o' the Adala, Mole-kin. He be seein' you there, at that vineyard. Ol' Bandit be wonderin' about the way o' things iffin' you be followin' him...?"
Meet and Greet
By: TheGM
Posted: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 01:19:48 PM
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"Oi, theeseer bottl-uns is filled widder left-ups frommer night ago. Oi sells em furra penny ter roit folk-uns, eh?
"Oof, forgett'un head-like next'un. Make'er moniker Gunder. Gunder Mole." He adjust his hat to shade his eyes a bit better and extends a paw. He is slightly shorter than yourself.
"Wasser wif the cooner-folk heeraboot? Isser gots some sellins up t'do?"
Shake a paw
By: Riccoco
Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2003 01:18:52 PM
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Ricco nods, taking the other Beasts paw. "It be a thing or two like that. Ol' Bandit came in with some others from Tallon-way. He be havin' a bit of the Dreamleaf, but, a Hooman took it Gate-side this morn."

Shaking the Gunder's paw heartily, the 'coon continues, "Ol' Bandit be lookin' for Beastly goods to take back Tallon-way. He be happier tradin' with Beast-folk that hoomans." He winks conspiratorily before adding with a knowing grin, "Iffin' you be followin' me, aright."
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Posted: Friday, May 23, 2003 08:48:42 AM
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"Ohaye, I tooken yer driff assa whichay the tunnel turners. They's marketers an' they's marketers, eh? Ye lookin at sellerin whur they's no marketer licenseses, hum?
"Ye kin foin a few folkers affer paymeday wha's got coinage to tinkle awa. No' legal ocourse, but they ain' stoppit yet."
By: Riccoco
Posted: Friday, May 23, 2003 01:19:03 PM
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Ricco nods emphatically then frowns slightly, "Ol' Bandit be havin' more o' a mind to be buyin' then sellin'. Though, sellin' may be what happens, a right!"

Grinning foolishly, the plucky 'coon hunkers down and leans close, "Where might a marketin' 'coon find the likes o' what you be sayin'?"
Clear as... wha?
By: TheGM
Posted: Sunday, May 25, 2003 10:46:38 PM
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"Wulll... It derpennin wha'm yer looker for. Iffer wanner seller bottler erso o' brewsome wha's lak me, you'm ken looker fer the bartenner wha's got a shortinage o' wha'yer peddlin. If'n you'm a real wheeler then you'm prolly gotter talk up Black Basil. He'm a roit turrible feller a deal'ith, if'n you'm taken my wurrd."
By: Riccoco
Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 07:37:34 AM
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Riccoco strokes his long whiskers, "Black Basil, eh? Ol' Bandit didn' figure the folks in charge would be bein' friendly as a mole like yourself, Gunder. Any way you could be leadin' Ol' Bandit to Black Basil?"

"What sort o' Beast would he be?"
Black Basel
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 08:16:10 AM
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The mole gets suddenly quiet.
"Oi dinno f'shur, Oi never aseedim. Oi ainta kinda moler wha's trukkin wiffat typers. Heezer only unnerground, see? Takeser black 'ood over'im face. N y'din heerit fr'mee, but you kin prolly find the Hole Market downa Kezzer's Vinnylands. Oi wouldna' gofireyou, bu' you knoyer bizzy I recks."
"Oh, ye'll prolly need a vouchy, seens yer na'a reglar. Ifn' yaint got one, mebbe they jes' killerfy ye if'n ye squeal."
Basil or Basel?
By: Riccoco
Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 08:48:24 AM
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Riccoco can't help but swallow


.oO(This be soundin' more an' more like a
rough feller, Riccoco. Could you be expectin' otherwise?)


"What be the manner of gettin' one-a-the
vouchers?" The plucky 'coon taps his heavy coin purse meaningfully. "Ol' Bandit
don' wan' to be gettin' Gunder Mole in no trouble, o' course. So let's us steer
clear o' any o' that, eh?"

By: TheGM
Posted: Thursday, May 29, 2003 10:26:14 PM
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"Oh, Um a voucher innae papery thingie. Issa person what be knowd byer Hole Market reggies. They dinna wornt no orthrities sneakifyin' summon in."
He eyes the pouch and nods conspiratorily. "Now Oi dinna be sayin' Oi knows any Holers, budoi'm thinkin Oi knows summon who knows summon. That feller don' loik strangerers, but 'e loiks coin. Oi could puttin a worder or three feryer..."
A buck a word...
By: Riccoco
Posted: Monday, June 2, 2003 07:37:48 AM
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Riccoco slips three silver coins from his purse, "Three words be worth three silver coins, then. There be a bit more where that came from, Gunder mole. Any word to the good you could be passin' to Black Basel be more than he be knowin' ta date! Ol' Bandit be mighty pleased for the help you be offerin'."
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, June 2, 2003 08:51:59 AM
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Gunder takes the coins and quickly makes them disappear. "Horm... Noo Ol'Gunder be no' a promisifyin' anythin', but Oi'l chatter up'n moi fellerns. Jist ol' Ric-Banditer be by Kezzer's Vinnylands downrown middlenight-like. If'n yerrin, yerrin."
He lays a digit alongside his long pink nose and gives you a wink. "Boinow, Ric-Banditer."

He then takes his string of bottles and departs.

As he leaves you realize that it has become mid-or late afternoon. What now?
A couple things...
By: Riccoco
Posted: Monday, June 2, 2003 09:18:14 AM
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First, Ricco needs to make sure he knows the path to 'Kezzer's Vinnylands'. Does he know the route? If not, he'll go about the means necessary to find it. Hoping to make himself as inconpicuous as possible. Perhaps, a Barbarian Beast merely lost and visiting the fine Greens of Adala.

Second, time to return to the Caravan Hotel. Ricco will bide his time there in an effort to see who else might be about. If Kent hasn't sold his dreamleaf... He'll take it to 'Kezzers'.

Also, since it wouldn't be wise for him to take his trident... Ricco will see if he can get his hands on another weapon. A short sword or a couple of daggers preferably. He is certainly nervous about going on his own... But, he trusts his instincts and thinks he can scurry away if need be. He is a survivor after all.
Kezzer's Vineyards
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, June 3, 2003 12:35:01 AM
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Ketzer's Vineyards, as they turn out to be called are a very large operation to the north of the city. They are very extensive, but there is only one real road that runs through them. Farmer Ketzer is one of the wealthiest farmers in the Greens.
This is about all you can discover before you make your way back as far as the Hanging Tree.

As for weapons, you also discover that they are not sold outside of the city. At least not to foreign beasts.

Please see the post on the Many Activities thread
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