Kadak brewery
By: TheGM
Posted: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 12:18:20 AM
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OK, I'm trying an experiment in time-shifting here. I really don't want to split up the party again, so I am going to run this scenario concurrently. We'll drop it in wherever it fits into continuity. You can continue posting to the planning thread. As long as no one does anything stupid, I promise not to kill you too badly.
: )

Faliol and Riccoco realize that Sangiyok may be thrown off if strangers show up, they approach the brewery alone. [it is possible that one or more characters will decide to back you up, We can assume that they are waiting at a discrete distance.]
The brewery itself is a large but rude building, partially built into a hillside. You have no trouble finding it from the distinctive smell of fermenting spirits. There are no fields of wheat, barley, grapes or the like attached, leading you to believe that Sangiyok runs a brewery alone, and does not farm his raw materials.
Under a tree, on a large bench outside of the brewery a bear lies napping in the late afternoon shade. He is dressed in very fine armor. the leather is well-tooled, the studs ornately shaped and even the occasional gemstone. His loincloth is of durable, but excellent quality material, and he wears an odd sash/cloaklike garment from one shoulder. Beside him lies a very long-handled axe, almost a halberd.
He does not react at your approach. There are others nearby, but they appear to be working hard and have little time to stop and chat. If you catch their attention, they merely glance and nod at the recumbent ursine.
As per the plan in the other thread, I am bumping this to late afternoon. We'll assume you're a little early.

[EDITED on Wed October 15, 2003 @8:38 AM (PDT)]
Well then...
By: Riccoco
Posted: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 11:22:48 AM
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Riccoco swallows a sudden lump in his throat and the recent cheer of making plans to save Vagrant are forgotten. He's in the mouth of the Bear, now. He exchanges a quick look and helpless shrug with Faliol before moving over towards the recumbent bear.

He clears his throat, "Ahem.. Master Bear? Ol' Bandit be here with Red... We be havin' business...?"

.oO(That be a big axe an' a well armored warrior. Iffin' Ol' Riccoco wasn't so damned scared, he may be a good fellow to recruit in the fight agian' Throne an' his Hill Goons.)
Very strange...
By: Faliol
Posted: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 11:48:35 AM
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Since Ricco is focused on the bear, I look around in a big circle. Something feels amiss....

Perception 12- (iirc)
3d6: 6 Wed October 15, 2003 @1:48 PM (CDT)

OOC: Assuming Nuyok has given me back my sword before we left
By: TheGM
Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2003 10:40:08 PM
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Nothing mysterious going on, though there is no cargo-laden wagon in sight.
The bear opens one eye and with an imperceptible turn of his head--which is as large as your chest--he rumbles, "You're early." He slowly stretches, and sits up. His head is level with yours, then he stands. Bulky, but moving with a surprising grace, he stretches and brushes a few leaves aside that have fallen on him during his nap. This causes a shadow to fall upon you as you realize he must be well over seven feet in height.
His ax he leaves on the ground. Making no sudden movements, but always seeming to keep an economy of effort, he removes from his sash a tiny silver box. He opens it up and removes a tiny pinch of some vegetable matter. This he applies to each nostril and inhales deeply before letting forth with a truly prodigious sneeze.
"Henh. My most sincere apologies, good beasts. I fear my manners are lacking and my sensibilities below par until I have fully regained my faculties. A pinch of snuff clears the mind wonderfully and concentrates one's attention to the present like nothing I can think of.
"Now, to the matter at hand. I am Angilak, related to my inestimable employer by a congenial accident of sororal matrimony. If we are to be traveling companions, I insist on proper introductions. Your names, if I may request more than a nom du voyage?"
Tenuous Meetings
By: Riccoco
Posted: Friday, October 17, 2003 08:38:14 AM
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Ricco nods slighlty at the bear's introduction, unable to stop a nervous hand from lifting up to tweak at his muzzle whiskers. He exchanges a slow, incredulous look with Faliol and offers Angilak a knowing grin. "A pleasure this meetin' an' all be... But where might the cargo be? An' what of your Congrassionaly inestimable boss, Master Sangiyok?" The 'Coon takes a quick glance about the vinyard once more.
Down to business?
By: TheGM
Posted: Friday, October 17, 2003 08:56:17 AM
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The bear pauses a beat.
"Very well, if you wish to dispense with the pleasantries of introduction and get right to business, then so we shall do. The cargo is inside the brewery and there is a small but serviceable cart drawn by a mature but respectably hardworking pony by the name of Clive."
He pauses to arrange his sash a bit.
"We had decided it wold be best to wait before deploying the rig until meeting with you. I believe Mister Sangiyok had said that you had companions or other business to conclude, hmm?"
He turns his massive bulk partially away from Riccoco and faces Faliol. "And you, my good swordsbeast. I take it you are here to provided security to the shipment as well as to safeguard our little venture, eh? May we never meet over crossed blades. I believe your... employer is it?... said that your name was "Red". Is this how you wish to be addressed?
"Forgive any impertinent questions, but we simply must work out all of the wrinkles in the social fabric."
"It is why I insist on formal and proper introductions."

It may be your imagination, but it seems there was a little stress or gentle remonstrance at the last sentence.
Formal introductions
By: Faliol
Posted: Friday, October 17, 2003 09:20:52 AM
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Gulp. "My name is Faliol, lately of Tallon. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I serve as a guide when on the trail and in other capacities where warranted."

.oO(Big AND smart. This bad day just got a lot worse....)
Rattled Raccoon
By: Riccoco
Posted: Friday, October 17, 2003 11:55:01 AM
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Faliol's near immediate give-in to the Ursine takes the wind out of Riccoco's sails as well. He bobs his head quickly and mutters, "Riccoco be the name my Big Bear friend." He bobs his head again. "Please be parodonin' any bad feelin's Ol' Riccico be givin' off, o' course. It not be bein' an'thin' personal."

"We be makin' our way back to Tallon. The problem bein' that the other business of Ol' Riccico an' the rest o' the Caravan not be quite finished... A couple other of the Merchants still be needin' to sell their cargo an' be gettin' another for the trip back."

"Speakin' o' the trip back... We still be needin' to figure our route. There be talk of a quick ship straight-a-way from here to Tallon!"

"By the by... You don' be knowin' a Master Throne, do you?"
By: TheGM
Posted: Friday, October 17, 2003 07:40:10 PM
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Angilak smiles, revealing some very large teeth. "Ahh, that's more proper. The mightiest of friendships grow from the tiniest seeds of courtesy.
"I suspected you might have business to conclude before we take our leave of these walls and fields. The cargo is of a most non-perishable nature and can be transported in whatever manner necessary. I have never traveled the rolling waves, but life is a progression of novel experiences, eh? If it be by land, I will walk to Tallon, for my frame is an unkind fate with which to doom any animal less than a deezel. If it be by ship however, there is a matter of passage. The price will have to be culled from our profits, I am afraid.
The esteemed Sangiyok is unlikely to worry about this one way or another. It is my firmly held deduction that this is a small cargo that he is willing to risk as an experiment. Unfortunately, he is holding the value of it as lien for your life my raconid companion, so the question of risks and method I leave to your best experience and judgment."
He bows, and his eyes make the briefest of motions towards his great axe. He motions you to a small area at the corner of the brewery. From the smells, it appears to be a sort of kitchen for the workers. A small pot and tray with cups sit upon the windowsill in the shade.
"But let us implore to Deus and the Lawgiver that that unfortunate day need never arise. As long as our partnership remains solid, so will our mutual pledge of defense and good conduct.

The tea turns out to be incredibly sweet-- and cool, not hot. The taste of honey is predominant. Once all are settled and sipping (or not), he continues.
"You spoke of Throne, and by this I assume you mean Merchant Throne, for I know of no Master by that name, and the Merchant, though no adept, is powerful enough to employ such. Perhaps the term is used differently in the Jewel of Merikia.
"Throne is a very shrewd business man and an ex-officer in the Army of Adala. He is a canny fighter both with weapons and with wits. Do business with him and you will almost certainly get the lesser end of the bargain.
"He is a merchant whose caravans have a reputation for their ability to overcome great adversity. Where others perish in the dangers of the wilds, his rarely if ever suffer. I do not know if he pays protection to some of the more reasonable dangers, such as gators and barbarians. I doubt it, for those who do use their profits in such manner are rarely wealthy after the expense, whereas he seems to lack little for gold and silver. I think he just has a knack for putting together well-trained teams of people who love the thrill of combat.
"Unpleasant as the bloody business may be."
Well-mannered Bear
By: Riccoco
Posted: Monday, October 20, 2003 09:04:43 AM
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Angilak's well-mannered threats and off-handed threats are more than enough to get our plucky 'coon in a retrospective thoughtfulness.

.oO(Mayhap, this be not the best o' ideas afterall... Rath be dead an' the Vagrant be held up in Throne's dungeons... Ol' Riccoco jes' be hirin' up a smooth talkin' killer Bear!!! By the Toad this Caravan will be the death o' Ol' Riccoco...)

Riccoco sips at his tea, "This be good tea, Angilak...

.oO(Be sweetenin' the pig a fore the slaughter!)

"As you be sayin' this Merchant Throne be a rough customer. He be havin' one o' our lot down in his Pits!" Ricco takes another sip of the honeyed tea. "How well you be knowin' any o' his fightin' folks?"
Where Angilak stands
By: TheGM
Posted: Monday, October 20, 2003 08:35:19 PM
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"I know of them only by merest reputation. I know that he employs a good number of [sniff] barbarian scrappers. Presumably they make good guides and perhaps they can tell him how best to avoid unpleasant intercessions with the various tribal impediments to the trade routes."
He takes a long sip and watches the workers for a time.
"I do know that Merchant Throne has a number of political enemies, but I would not advise a stranger in these parts to get into that web of deceit and treachery. It's dangerous enough for someone who has lived here all their life.
"My sympathies to your companion languishing in bondage. I presume his worth is such that you are not willing to walk away, eh? Commendable loyalty, commendable. Have you tried offering ransom?
"If you cannot buy him or leave him, I suppose you will have to fight for him. And there I cannot help you. Whilst still in the confines of ancient Adala the cargo we shall carry is the charge of Sangiyok and is in no way endangered. Should you incur the wrath of Throne and seek to escape, well then, once in the wilds, with the cargo at risk I should be forced to exercise an interest in its security.
"I see confusion perhaps upon your brows? Ah, I shall state the matter in plainer terms so as to leave no doubt. Until we leave the city, your battles are your own. Upon the road, anything that threatens the cargo and its eventual delivery shall receive violent resistance."
He finishes the last of the tea.
"It seems you have business to conclude before your are ready to depart. Unless there are some matters yet to discuss, I shall be here when you are ready to leave. Noble Sangiyok will surely grant you a small space of time to settle any business before departure. A small space, certainly."
He rises and bows.
By: Riccoco
Posted: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 07:12:54 AM
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Ricco nudges Faliol and stands as well. He tries to copy Angilak's bow. "Angilak, Ol' Riccoco be wonderin' where to be meetin' you an' the cargo iffin' things be goin' bad again' Throne... Some o' the others be feelin' like we might be havin' to go speedy-quick like... You be havin' an idea where to be meetin'?"
Send a message
By: TheGM
Posted: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 03:45:00 PM
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"If you are going to be under the hot pursuit of hardened enemies, then I am certain that good Sangiyok would greatly appreciate your not bringing attention or bloodshed to his place of business. If such is the case, send word here instead and I shall meet you where you indicate. Otherwise, meet me here in your entirety and we shall depart together"

[EDITED on Tue October 21, 2003 @3:47 PM (PDT)]
By: Faliol
Posted: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 03:54:04 AM
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I give a departing bow to Angilak.

"We will strive mightily to keep our troubles far from your place of business. It seems the redoubtable Sangiyok has chosen well in his representative and I look forward to the day when all our coin purses sag that much further towards the ground..."

.oO(Just great! Now I am starting to sound like him...)
OOC: The Cody MacTavish Syndrome
By: TheGM
Posted: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 08:34:40 AM
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OOC: That's what it's called in our group. I played a character in a sci fi game who had a thick Scottish accent. By the end of the eveneing, everyone was using a highland burr. It was like a hypnotic compulsion, laddie.
Scotty speak
By: Faliol
Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2003 08:38:05 AM
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"Keptin, if'n we push ma wee engines any more they'll BLOW! To boot, it will nah take less than 10 hours to spackle the Bridge's ceiling with Miracle Putty to avoid explosive decompression!"

"Scotty, you've GOT 1 minute or we're deader than plaid! Hurry, man! There's alien women to molest!"

59 seconds later...

"Aye, Keptin, I worked me fangers to da bone, but she be fixed...."
OOC: Cody
By: TheGM
Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2003 01:21:41 PM
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Cody was much more subdued, which made him all the more insidious. It was my first attempt to play a not-too-bright character. He was more of a mechanic than an engineer, better with his fists than a wrench kind of guy. It was HARD to play. Especially when I as a player could see a solution and none of the people playing pilots, scientists and doctors could come up with it. In order to remain in character, I didn't feel as if I could volunteer a solution.
I finally resorted to cheesy workarounds like, "Hey Doc, I don't know Janorkians from a hole in the ground, but didn't ye once say that they were all left-handed?" when the character had said no such thing. I was relieved when that campaign folded.
Funny, Jason never....
By: Faliol
Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2003 01:38:01 PM
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...has any trouble playing dumb characters. None whatsoever.


I kid the Savinoid!
By: Riccoco
Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2003 01:41:55 PM
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It's the smart ones that give me trouble!
By: Riccoco
Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2003 01:42:58 PM
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Is this Cody the same character that made it into the Star Hero book?

I seem to recall a character similar to this in the Salvage Team in the character examples at the end of that genre book!
Loquacious Ursine
By: Faliol
Posted: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 03:45:31 AM
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.oO(If he fights as good as he makes speeches, we should be totally safe....)
Rearing to go!!!
By: Riccoco
Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2003 01:45:17 PM
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Boy, I sure am chomping at the bit. It seems like we've been doing all these plannings, business deals, and plannings and plannings for months RL!

Not that I didn't have fun with my part of it, mind you. I am chomping to get the story moving again, though.

How about you guys?
By: Faliol
Posted: Friday, October 24, 2003 03:39:00 AM
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...I am eager to have the plot advanced.
By: Riccoco
Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2003 01:47:04 PM
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Say... Was I not supposed to actually put Faliol and I leaving the other thread? Hopefully, you've been doing your time-split experiment with the rest of the group, too!

I'm itching to go!
Did I mention
By: Riccoco
Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2003 01:47:57 PM
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That I'm ready to move the plot forward? : biteme :
By: TheGM
Posted: Friday, October 24, 2003 08:42:07 AM
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The others day plans were a little less involved and handled within the Plan Thread. Rest assured that the plot will begin advancing soon and the action will resume.
People split into small groups for a long time and that always seems to slow down the pace.
By: Riccoco
Posted: Friday, October 24, 2003 08:57:42 AM
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I haven't sounded like a whiner or anything like that, I hope.

I've really enjoyed what you've done with The Savage Earth, Keith. I've played A LOT of games at Hero Central, Yahoo Groups, and the like. None of them compare to this one.

You didn't sound...
By: Faliol
Posted: Friday, October 24, 2003 10:21:30 AM
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...like a whiner to me.

I am sure Keith understands your sentiment.

: )
A peek behind the curtain...
By: TheGM
Posted: Friday, October 24, 2003 11:28:12 AM
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OOC: Don't worry. Sometimes the balance between role-play and action can be a delicate one. Too much role-play and you begin to feel like nothing is happening, too much action and you feel like nothing but a bunch of numbers.
Unfortunately, when I get busy, I tend to let the RP go on too long since it is easier on me, especially when everyone is in the same thread. The problem with beginning the action is that I need to detail a lot of stuff (where NPCs are, maps, timing, motivations, etc.) I wait until the planning is done so I can only detail the parts that need detailing. That means I tend to put it off until everything is finalized and then there's a lag.
I've got a new Hero assignment coming in next week, so I hope to have the action begun before then.

Cripes! The boss is coming!