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Posted: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 01:43:43 PM
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Handle, you have done a very thorough and painstaking case of the Throne Mansion. You have discovered the following facts:

The guards are rotated on a regular, but staggered basis. You would estimate that there are only 10-12 total. They all have axes and about half carry bows.

After Sunrise, they relaxed their posture a bit. Whatever fight they were expecting did not occur.

All doors are unlocked at daybreak. The door on the east leads to an indoor swimming pool.

You have found two places you believe have limited visibility for passing over the wall. Neither if them is perfect, but a distraction might work wonders.

The workers in the courtyard seem to have been cleaning up after a battle. People probably died, but no one has come to pick up any bodies. Bodies don't last long in this area without becoming unbearable.

Besides the barbarian guards, you have seen one or two non-armed females who nevertheless, have the "fighter's walk". They seem to be culturally similar to the men, probably barbarians as well.

There has been some tension among the guards. Apparently they have some kind of disagreement about who is giving orders.

Two children came out and played in the gardens around noon, before they were ushered back inside by a wrinkled old governess.

Throne (presumably) never appeared. However, some time around mid morning, a burly, yet obviously well-to-do adept was admitted. Strangely, he came in through the service entrance (There is small back gate for this purpose. He also had two servants carrying a number of boxes (2 wooden crates). He moved with enough secrecy that you became intensely curious as to what he was there for. He stayed for several hours and left without servants or boxes. Just as you are contemplating following him a ways, the guard Jonnit also emerges from the same gate.

Do you wish to:

A. Follow one of them?
B. Continue to observe the mansion?
C. Go find the others?
D. Go find the soldiers?
E. Hit the bars and taverns and try and dig up Streetwise info on Throne?
F. Something Else?

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Follow Jonnit
By: Handle
Posted: Sunday, October 19, 2003 12:13:55 AM
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Assuming he will have to make an appearance at the city gate or do his normal guard duties, I'll just note what he may do before he arrives for such while making my way back to the others to tell them what I have found out.

OOC: If I am unable to post quick enough to get the others involved, please p[ost for me what info you just gave me. I cannot think of any reasonto hold anyof it back for the group.
By: TheGM
Posted: Sunday, October 19, 2003 09:58:21 AM
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Jonnit makes his way to the city walls. At one of the engaged towers he speaks with a few guards on duty and is admitted to the interior. You see him appear moments latter atop the walls making a leisurely way towards the front gate. It occurs to you that if you are going to get out of the city before he gets to the gate you will have to hurry.
Adopting a brisk walk, you weave through human traffic until you arrive at the gates. In the hustle of daytime, you are not impeded at all in your exit from the city. You are likewise successful in getting to the shacks without any interference.
Post to the others as you will, they are all at the shacks. You will be surprised to see Nuyok and the new sharacter Leckchock there. If you do not post by late this evening, I'll go ahead and do it.

EDIT: Post to top of the "A Plan!" thread. I've added you back into the visibility.

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Cripes! The boss is coming!