Herein lie the adventures which begin in Regnum Ningan 20,
or the twentieth year of the reign of the Archon Ningan,
the 298th year of the City of Tallon, Jewel of Merikkia.

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Book One


Prolog: The Gathering of Five

Wherein five adventurers from diverse backgrounds meet.

1. Nemo's Court

Wherein our heroes forge a bond of reliance in a long-sunken city.

2. The Jewel of Merikia

Wherein our heroes come to Tallon, greatest city of the Merrikian League.

3. Settling In, Part 1

Wherein our heroes find places to live in this odd metropolis.

4. Settling In, Part 2

Wherein our heroes get jobs! Also a daring underground rescue and a close friend is kidnapped.

5. The Death-Pits

Wherein our heroes rescue a riven friend from the clutches of gangsters. They get help from a strange ally.

6. The Deal

Wherein our heroes are approached by a minion of the underworld boss and given a chance to erase their death-mark

7. Spyke

Wherein our heroes fight a chimera in the Death-Pits. The ally who helped them before is revealed.

8. Vampire, or Too Many Haikus

Wherein our heroes encounter two doubles. One is a long-lost relative. The other is a monster. But which is which?

9. Reunions and Revelations Parts One and Two

Wherein our heroes have audiences with the archon and learn some things about their pasts. A mission is given.

10. Karkul

Wherein our heroes rescue a shipmate with the help of an unusual barbarian.

11. Into the Wilds or Last Stand at Abitibi

Wherein our heroes trek to Barbarian lands to retrieve a prisoner. A hero gives his life for his friends.

12. Return to Tallon

Wherein our heroes come home. A new hero joins the fold. A cryptic record is deciphered that will lead to new adventure.

13. Interlude: Paladin Play

Wherein some of our heroes learn the history of the city. The Archon falls, which sets off a political division among the possible successors.

14. Annihilator 1: The Theft  

Wherein our heroes learn of the theft of a relic of the city. A strange flight causes further commotion.

15. Annihilator 2: The Search   

Wherein our heroes follow clues. A funeral is interrupted by a riot.

16. Annihilator 3: The Recovery   

Wherein our heroes find the sword and much more. Memories are erased.

17. It Takes a Thief   

Wherein our heroes infiltrate a den of thieves and uncover more mystery.

18. I Went to a Garden Party...   

Wherein our heroes are invited to a party with Tallon's finest citizens. Alliances, threats, and a lot of small talk are made. Dancing is perpetrated.

19. Gator Raid   

Wherein our heroes fight a reptilian invasion. An old enemy is mortally wounded. The Raven proves its military value, despite the best intentions.

20. Leaving Tallon

Wherein old acquaintances are renewed and courses are plotted. Not all plans are agreeable.


Book Two

21. Coralia

Wherein a journey begins and new light is shed on some old mysteries. A friend is lost.

22. Ungava

Wherein old acquaintances are renewed and tales are told.

23. Brador

Wherein new seas are sailed and an ambush is thwarted.

24. Sanlorenz

Wherein two tribes are met and the crew learns that not all barbarians are savages.

25. Montral

Wherein a crew member is lost to her own vengeance, a new traveller is met and an old friend recovered.

26. Dirondack Mountains

Wherein strange beasts attack and a daring rescue is performed with the help of a small stranger.

27. Niagara

Wherein new enemies are met and an ancient mystery is discovered.

28. Stoneroost

Wherein parents are reunited with their children and a new task is undertaken.

29. Triangle

Wherein a wandering party member is returned, his story is checked and a difficult decision is reached, after which the party is attacked by mutants.

30. Tronto

Wherein dangerous territory is entered. Old faces pop up in unwelcome places.

31. Citadel

Wherein a goal is reached but not achieved. Mysteries are cleared up in a subjective manner. An enigma is dispensed with and a war begins.

32. Niagara revisited

In which friends are recovered at great peril, secrets are learned, and painful partings are made.

33. Mouth of Eerie

In which objects are found to be not what they appeared, and several people deal with personal crises.


brief intermision

34. Gauntlet

In which the expedition is finally re-united, but finds the leaving more difficult than the coming hence.

35. Lair of the Lamanaria

Wherein the Columbia finds that avoiding one danger may lead to others. Dates are gathered and startling new discoveries are made.

36. City of Diamond

Wherein a great new City is found, masks are worn and an audience is held. Characters are lured by the promise of plentiful gold.

37. Homeward

In which our heroes are reminded of the dangers of travel . More comrades are lost, but something hidden is found. A voyage is completed.


Book Three


38. The Telling of Tales

During which many stories are told, yet more important are things are left unsaid.

39. Investigations

In which nearly everyone pursues answers, some more ruthlessly than others.

40. Ship of Glass

Wherein our heroes learn that solving one mystery may only lead to many more and in which a Sanctuary proves most unsafe.

41. Declarations of War

In which many personal agendas are set aside. A demand is made, and an enemy revealed.

42. Blitz

In which the city of Tallon is made to bleed.

43. False Tribute

Wherein our heroes make an offering with one hand while holding a very deadly sword with another.

44. Reprisal

During which many are killed and the wrath of the enemy is exercised. A prisoner is taken. A sword is unsheathed.

45. Last Voyage of the Orion

In which a river journey is cut short by an invisible enemy. Our heroes are captured.

46. City of Crystal

Wherein our heroes are made slaves. For some, it is more of a trial than others.

47. Falling Sands

In which a hero falls a long, long way..

48. Raiders from Below

Wherein a number of daring plans come to fruition, and the enemy is given a taste of its own pain. A great prize is captured.

49. Down to Earth

Wherein the Most High is laid low and many are delivered from bondage. An unexpected reunion happens.

50. Triumph

Wherein the prize so many have fought and died for is finally achieved. Two unexpected foes are defeated, while an unexpected friend is made. Our heroes are recognized as heroes.

51. Births and Rebirths

Wherein a child is born who is not a child, a man is reborn who was never alive, and into the City, the Terror is born.

52. Missing Person

Wherein the harrowing of a hero begins. Some people take on new service.

53. Thing of Iron

In which a memory is restored, and a friend is lost. Many mysteries are banished

54. Big Secret in Little Tallon

Wherein a home is found and won. The harrowing continues while the Terror grows.

55. Day of the Lawgiver

Wherein a soldier takes on a burden, an assassination is foiled, the Terror is broken and a new day dawns.

56. Riven Hunt

Wherein that which was shunned and feared becomes the new passion. Missing friends are sought and the heroes suffer a crushing defeat.

57. Puppets in the Dark

Wherein our heroes step to a dominator's dance . An old injustice is finally righted. Not all who are blind cannot see.

58. Night of the Living Dead

Wherein a friend is made into a weapon and those who have been slain, themselves become slayers. There is a fire.

59. Line-Eaters

In which warfare takes an unusual face and both a friend and a patriarch fall, perhaps forever. Many other things of value are lost.

60. Fall of the House of Elias

Wherein a fortune is lost, and reputations are imperilled. Various offers are made and bargains struck.

61. Night Work

Wherein our heroes help a man retain his freedom by placing him into bondage. Many secrets deeds are done.

62. Kraysh

Wherein a long-dealyed errand is begun. A massacre is revealed and a new burden shouldered. A mysterious reptile gives a familiar greeting.


brief intermision

63. Ascensions and Infiltrations

Wherein a number of manipulations are revealed, disguises are donned and a weapon is delivered.

64. Fall of Angels

In which many things end.

The face-to-face Adventures end at this point.
The further Chronicles of the Savage Earth
continues in a different telling here.