History of the Savage Earth Site

4/2/09 Widened entire site, since reports indicate that only 4% of the viewers who come here have less than 1024 pixel width monitor resolution.

3/18/09 Added section on Immortals.

10/26/08 Added illustration of Tree Folk.

10/15/08 Migrated site to new server. Upgraded forum to phpBB 3.0.2

10/5/08 Added entry on the Black Reavers.

7/17/07 Edited the cascading style sheet to produce uniform page widths (800 pixels). Numerous small changes.

3/18/07 Revised the Rules for Spirit Chess and added new graphics.

3/7/07 Numerous small changes throughout. Redesigned the Bestiary page, and the Beasts page to use the same table format as the Adept page. Redesigned Home Page. Started a weblog to discuss the Savage Earth using literary terminology.

10/19/06 Updated many character sheets. The Chronicles PCs can now be shown in their original and experienced forms. Also reformetted the character sheet page for the forum campaigns.

8/13/06 Final update on the Chronicles. This completes the campaign logs of the face-to-face game. They will now continue online. Numerous other changes, including changing the email contact and the search engine.

6/12/06 Added a section on Barbarian Survival. Updated the Who's Who page.

1/28/06 Numerous small improvements made over a several month period. Added new thumbnail illustrations to the Bestiary page. Added flavor quotes throughout. Revised Map of Tallon for readability. Tinkered with the Style Sheet to improve readability of Adept abilities.

11/6/05 Posted new painted maps of the campaign area. Expanded City descriptions.

10/21/05 Expanded entry on Merchants and Guilds.

10/19/05 Added profiles for the Hall of Art, Iron Tower and Grand Arch. Re-did Character Sheet Page for online game.
Updated the entries for Naval Vessels and the Merchant Marine.

10/14/05 Completely revamped monetary system. Devalued the copper piece to 1/10. Re-wrote the price list in dollars and cents. Also added descriptions for some campaign-specific items.
Tidied up various revisions to Spirit Sight throughout.

10/8/05 Added a section on Campaign-Specific Items

10/7/05 Added a dozen or so sites to the Map of Tallon, including floorplans for the Hall of Art.

9/28/05 Created a Notes page to answer a lot of game design questions.
Altered the cost of Adept devotions slightly, introducing the concept of Interdevotional Cost.

6/13/05 Debuted new interactive Map of Tallon. Whew!

6/12/05 Added section on Purism

5/4/05 Answered question, "Why isn't everyone enhanced?"

5/2/05 New section on Languages.

5/1/05 Added 8 Chapters to the Chronicles

4/22/05 Added Khaz to the Who's Who page.

4/14/05 Greatly expanded the entry on Mutants.
Added a section on Time

2/6/05 Added a new illustration for a Raccoon Beast

1/28/05 Reworked the banner. It now includes the new Forums and Guestbook!

12/26/04 I have reworked and expanded the terminology for the Scala Vitale, now re-named the Scala Spiritus. Much of the social order of Merikia was written eary in the process and was obsolete.
Added a paragraph on the detection and identification of Adepts.
Added Hadrian's Map of the Demon King Domains.

6/3/04 A reader pointed out that I had referenced the Standing Stones many times, yet never described exactly what they were. Sometimes you neglect the forest for the trees. Now they have their own section on the Spirit page.
Likewise, the Spirit page now contains a rather lengthy entry on Spiritual Devotions in Foreign Lands, and how they interact.

6/2/04 Finally, an update! Eleven chapters added to the Chronicles page. Whew!

10/27/03 Massive addition to the Culture page, detailing other facets of Merikian daily life.
Entry on Tunnel Slugs, explaining all those handy caverns and tunnels.

10/17/03 Added section on general Merikian history

9/24/03 Made new Color Map of Savage Earth. It shows climatic regions.

9/21/03 Added section on Demon King weapons.

9/3/03 Replaced hideous old Rat picture with new Rat picture. I learned a new technique for fur, and this was one of the earliest of my pieces.

8/28/03 Added Perk: Fringe Benefits to Character Creation Page. This shows the relative rankings of different positions and professions in Merikian society.
Added secion on weaponry and spirit warfare to the Culture page

8/22/03 Extensive re-work of Animate Defenses
Added picture of Exon Ironhand

7/30/03 Added a section on Trade and Commerce, fleshing out the role of Guilds in Tallon and elsewhere.

5/14/03 General clean-up, including the creation of CSS's for the whole site. (For those who do not create web pages, basically a way to make it more uniform and easier to update)
Many cosmetic changes to the Appendix

5/5/03 Added paragraph on Clients
Amended the formula for determining the number of ley lines an adept can hold and added a paragraph on measuring the number of ley lines.
Added Social Limitations and Fringe Benefits for Adepts.

5/3/03 Added section on Ley Line Holding
Revised the Price List and some of the Appendix formatting
Clarified the creation of Spirit Cloth and Spirit Armor using Enhance Morphia

4/8/03 Added packages to the Beasts page (whew!)
Added pictures of male and female Bats.

3/30/03 Considerable re-working of the Archetypes page
Added pictures of Bats (a higher resolution version of the male may be found here.
Numerous corrections

3/26/03 Added a paragraph on the sensing of Ley Lines
Improved the navigation bar on the Beasts page
Removed the Size rules from the Beasts and Riven pages. This is now standard for Fifth Edition Hero.

3/19/03 Added entry on Cohorts. a lesser enhanced adherent similar to a Paladin.
Added more detail to the Greater Devotion Skill Repair/Heal
added Social Limitation values for Beasts
Added section on Temples and on Religious Practices

3/17/03 Added entries for Hero Central PCs to the Who's Who page.
Expanded the entry on Lumina.
Added more detail to the section on Spirit Sight
Numerous corrections to Adept Devotions.

3/12/03 Finally updated the Chronicles, adding 5 new chapters.

1/23/03 Switched the entire site over to Adobe GoLive. Hello, OS X!
Began posting Chronicles again, since the Face to Face campaign resumed
Many small additions, including an enry on Fort Lizard, Non-commisioned Officer Ranks, and other small corrections too numerous to mention.

11/24/02 Added pictures for Night Folk, Deep Riven, Devil Merks and a Gold Eagle

11/23/02 Added pictures of Mundabans and Chromatics.

11/18/02 Added page on Barbarian Tribes
Added Carnobrocs and several herbs
Added entry for Devil Merks

10/13/02 Many Changes.
Updated main page to include online campaign info
Consolidated groups and races pages into one Archetype page for clarity. Added many entries.
Added Slave prices
Added Gilead's picture (finally!)
Added an intro to the Adepts page to bring it closer in style to the other character type pages.

9//30/02 Greatly expanded the Glossary, adding figures of speach, as well as naming conventions
Added entry on lumina

9/7/02 Added chapter on the Riven, including Reavers and Mutants. No new artwork yet, but it will come later.

9/3/02 Retitled the House Rules sheet to Campaign Guidelines
Added Character Creation Guidelines in anticipation of PBeM game.

9/1/02 Added entry for Reaver in the Bestiary

8/26/02 Added rules for Martial Arts styles

8/2202 Reconfigured for new Circle of Heroes Webring.

8/15/02 Moved the whole site over to attbi.com.

5/16/02 The Savage Earth goes on a brief hiatus, while the GM gets to be a player in someone else's game.
Updates will continue to be made.

4/6/02 Many additions to the Glossary. Minor changes to the Appendix.

3/8/02 Redesigned the header on all pages. Removed the link bar down the right to make more room for content.

3/6/02 Reorganized the Chronicles so that each adventure loads as a different page.
Added a section on Law to the Book of Standing Stones

2/27/02 Added picture of the Mausoleum and of Bishop Thane

2/06/02 Diagrammed the Standing Stones
Updated the Glossary
Added a picture of a trickster warrior rabbit
Added thumbnail maps to the Tallon page
General clean-up and revisions

1/17/02 Created an illustrated Who's Who in the Savage Earth
Added History of Tallon by describing the Reigns of the Archons.
Added Picture of Mistress Novya (an upcoming NPC)

12/09/01 Started on second page of the Chronicles.

11/28/01 Combined the Nations page and the World Page into one document. They were redundant and confusing.

11/21/01 Added a picture of Char Windrunner
Added picture of a Chimera

11/7/01Added preliminary rules for Spirit Chess. If anyone plays this, e-mail me with your reactions and any criticsm, along with any suggestions or variations.
Restructured the Weapon Price List

11/1/01 Added Character Sheet for Gustav Mahler. The party is complete!

10/4/01 Added character sheet for Haiku Oddsdottir
Added section on the Church to the Book of Standing Stones.

9/30/01 Added holy symbols for the Book of Standing Stones.
Minor changes to the Bestiary

9/28/01 Added character sheet for Persia.

9/25/01 Added character sheet for Hank Woodman.

9/21/01 Revised Adept Devotions for clarity, readability and consistency, added table of devotions to head of document. Added many minor devotions, to allow adepts more interesting progression.
Also began posting the Player Characters, statring with Tira.

9/05/01 Revised Header of each page, adding links for this page, the Bestiary (which was split into its own page), and thhe Chronicles, a new page detailing the exploits of the player characters.
Numerous minor edits.

9/01/01 Not really an update, but the campaign officially started with the inaugural adventure!

8/22/01 Revised Home Page
Added monetary system and price lists
Started adding Flora and Fauna
I applied to become part of the Circle of Heroes

8/14/01Extensive alterations and additions to the City of Tallon
Added chapter on religion to the Book of Standing Stones

8/2/01 Added picture of a Reaver

8/1/01 Added rules on Mental Defense

7/30/01 Added picture of aCrossbreed

7/29/01Added section on fertility and crossbreeding of beasts.
Added picture of Ningan Silverbrow

7/19/01 Posted the site for players to read. As changes edits and additions are made, they will be posted and linked here.