Who’s Who in the Savage Earth

Unless otherwise noted, all people are assumed to be residents of the City of Tallon or its immediate environs. In many cases, clicking on a thumnail will call up a larger image.


Original Campaign

These are the heroes who move the events on the Savage Earth. Since the beginning of the campaign, the character of has Mahler died in heroic battle against rats. His player introduced the new character of Gilead. The player of Haiku has since moved back to the real world island of Iceland, leaving the Yzlonder to continue as an NPC.


Tira Tira Wolfsdaughter is a young adept student at the Hall of Art. Raised by Gator, Rats and then Wolves, she never saw another human being until she was a teenager.

Tira is learning that the powers that be in Tallon are taking a lot of interest in her activities. She suspects this may be because she has the aptitude to become a Grandmaster.

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Hank Hank Woodman is an animate created by Grandmaster Ningan when the master was a brash young man. The vestiture was incomplete and Hank's spirit lay in some kind of dormant state for over 75 years until hishead was discovered by Tira.
Hank loves to build and make things. He is currently in the employ of Mistress Dakota, where he attepmts to make enough money to finance TIra's education.

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Persia Persia is a native beast of Tallon. She is the daughter of Mranda, who was a underground fighter during the final years of Kanukka's oppressive reign. Her mother disappeared when Persia was young and left the young cat to fend for herself. Persia turned her skills to thieving in order to support herself. The Archon has at times interceded to save her from the authorities.
Persia has grown to question her lifestyle lately.

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Haiku Haiku Olafsdotir is a barbarian from the tropical island of Yzlond (Iceland). She was exiled for severing the fingers of a priest who attempted to molest her mother. She now resides in Tallon, whose adept-based culture fascinates her. She is particularly impressde by Paladins and has dedicated herself to Tira's cause in the hopes of some day becoming a Paladin in her service.

Original Character


Gustav is a riven giant. He was abandoned at birth and taken in by a two-bit huckster who displayed him in a side show until the young man had grown large enough to wrestle for money. Gustave was a gentle soul who dearly loved his friends until the day he gave his life that they might escape a horde of rats in the Wilds of the Kabekki territory.

Original Character


Gilead is the son of Hadrian the Explorer. His grandfather is a wealthy guild master in the city and his family is fairly influential. He is far more intersted in seeking his missing father and living a life of adventure than in developing farmland, though.
Gilead is a non-adept student at the Hall of Art. He met the others when they reutrned his father's journal from the Wilds. He is learning much from his new friends, and they have found him to be a valuable ally.

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Khaz is a Devil Merk. He was a Overdogan in the Merk band of Fhard's Fist until his entire band was wiped out by a wraith assassin from the Celestial City. He has taken up a job in the City of Tallon, hoping to find the killer. Since Tallon is at war with the Celestial City, it seems like the best way to accomplish this mission. He will know the man if he ever finds him, since the wraith lost a hand to Khaz.

Experienced Character

Optional portrait of Khaz






Merchants of Merikia Campaign

These are the heroes whose adventures are recounted online upon the Savage Earth Forums.


Riccoco is a raccoon trader who lives along the Saber River. No longer welcome at home, he plies up and down the river trading and bartering what he can. Faliol is a fox scout and an old hand at caravan trading. He can often be found in the company of his somewhat roguish uncle. He is honest for his kind, a likeable fellow, though given to hold and nurse grudges.
Cassandra or "Cas", is a also a fox. She is an amnesiac vixen who was adopted into a fox wagon family. The family has fallen on hard times and she has been forced to find ways to support them.
Cas left the party to track down her missing family members.
Beka is the daughter of Merchant Hamilton. Though somewhat self-obsessed and bratty, she is fair in her dealings and generous to her friends. An excellent combatant.
Master Nuyok is an adept of Tallon. His past is somewhat mysterious. He may have some political problems in Tallon and might be linked to the murder of a prominent citizen. Handle is a street youth of Tallon. Hard beyond his years, he is skilled at urban survival. He has difficulty learning to trust others.
Handle died in Nunvut Jungle at the hands of the Yaraza, a mysterious assassin-cult.
Rath is a riven barbarian of the Hill Tribes. His reaving aged him to adulthood and gave him a second set of arms. His great strength is surpassed only by his loyalty to Beka, the first person to treat him like a human being.
Rath died in the pits below the mansion of Merchant Throne.
Celeste is a barbarian of the Raiders of the Red Tide, the most savage seafaring folk of the Shattered Isles. Though her tribe is cruel and sadistic, she has learned finer values from her lost mate's people.
Vagrant is the most mysterious of the party. Though the climate is oppressive, he is never seen without layers of rags which obscure him from head to toe. Claiming amnesia, he asks many questions and makes many references to a lost past life. Lekchock is a forest man, a mutant from the lands between Tallon and Adala. Forever separated from his tribe by the base treachery of a usurper, he met and befriended Nuyok in the pits of Merchant Throne's mansion. He has thrown in his lot with these strange city folk.
Palon is the son of a Prominent Tallonite Morphist. He has no adept abilities himself and is determined to make a name for himself, prove his worth to his father, and uphold solid conservative Tallonite values, upon his sacred honor. Joc is a merchant with a rich and mysterious past. He speaks with an O Kabekki accent and seems well-travelled. Though a likeable fellow, he keeps his privacy well.





Of the Masters who run the city only the following are of Full Grandmaster status: Ningan, Hannon, Novya, Dakota and Thane. Crockett may be of quality, but he has never been certified by the Hall of Art.

Ningan the Scholar is the Archon of Tallon. He is a reclusive but fair man of nearly twelve decades. He has been Archon since the age of 97, succeeding the Archon Kanukka the Red. Kanukka was widely regarded as mad, but was extremely powerful. Ningan achieved the rank of Grandmaster rather late in life with the creation of Brassman, a city guard made of articulated brass. More on Ningan may be read in the Archons of Tallon. Bishop Thane is the head of the Church in Tallon. He is a powerful man, primarily a psychist. He has an awesome responsibility ahead of him, since the Church decides the succession of the Archon.
Master Hannon is perhaps the second most powerful man in the city. Besides being a Grandmaster, Hannon is a military man who served under Kanukka the Red. He keeps a large private retinue of Paladins. He is well-liked by the Military, who refer to him as Master Hammer.
Hannon is the only married Grandmaster.
Mistress Novya is a hedonist. She has ammassed a great personal fortune by catering to the whims of the city's wealthy merchant class. She sets all fashion, and she's invited to every party, dahling!
Behind this shallow facade is a shrewd business woman.She can be extemely charming.
Mistress Dakota is a full Grandmaster, though she is primarily an animist. She is in fact the city's premiere animaist. She is responsible for the excellent line of golem coaches that serve the Promethean Hill. The proceeds from the coach line finance her many projects. Sarko Master Sarko is not generally known by the citizenry of Tallon. Though they know he was reposnisible for the theft of the city's sword, Annhilator, they have only been informed that he is a foreigner and is imprisoned in the Archon's Palace.




Masters and Adepts

These are the more prominent spiritually-gifted citizens of Tallon

Master Toshi is the Master Farmer. He dwells outside the city in a fortified manor house. He augments and creates all manner of golem farm equipment. Toshi is a morphist and animist, but does not have the psychist qualification for Grand Mastery. High Justice Norn is the chief Judge for the city. She is a Master Psychist, and an excellent one at that. Norn has a reputation for running roughshod over her court. The other most well-known judge is Judge Grayle of the Shambles.
Mistress Halifax Headmistriss of the Hall of Art. She is a stern older woman who takes no nonsense. Master Crockett is also called the River Master. He runs the Theron Ferry from Tallon to the Lizard Road. He hardly ever leaves his boat, a paddle wheeler called the Columbia. He has never been certified with Mastery, so many call him simply Riverman Crockett.
Teacher Cho Master Psychist and History teacher. She is a hard taskmaster, and an ardent Hannonist.    Master Morphist Farralon. Farralon is a likeable young man who is a Healer at the Hall of Art. He has been on expeditions into the wilds, but much prefers the safety and comfort of Tallon. Farralon is knowledgable in healing beasts.
Psychist Antaea is a proxy and legal counsel for the Palace of Justice. Although not a master, she is smart, dedicated and very talented in her profession.
Psychist Marko is another proxy and legal counsel for the Palace of Justice. Also not a master, he possesses a drawling sense of humor and understated competence.
Master Animist Gemar is a well-respected adept. He lives in the Old Circle, where he makes various motors and machines for well-paying clients. He has an adept foster son named Correliac, and a natural son named Palon.
Sister Winnipeg is a Priestess of Patha, the disciple of psyche. She is sighted, but unlikely ever to become more than mildly receptive.
Sotha, Surama and Phostor. Three inseperable members of the Spirit Guard. They are Sentinels, the enforcement branch. Sotha is a highly skilled swordsman, Surama is the most well-educated, possibly an ex-priest, while Phostor is a man mountain of muscle. Judge Gont is the Judge for the Merchant District. He is a recent appointee, having succeeded Judge Bane after the latter's mysterious murder.
It was recently revealed that Judge Gont suffered from multiple personalities, combined with the ability to shapeshift. He was responsible for Judge Bane's murder.



An animate is the creation of a Grandmaster. In fact, in Tallon it is the requirement to become a grandmaster.

Brassman is the Keeper of the Gates He stands at the Uzon Gate and is always on guard while the gate stands open. He is well liked, but tends towards comic pomposity. He is boastful but kind, vain but ready to share any glory or credit. He is the creation of Ningan. Iron John is an older animate. He is a palace Guard, but is a believed to be a creation of Kanukka the Red. He may have blood on his hands, but always in the cause of the city so far as can be proved. His psyche is notoriously hard to read, which has made him a valuable servant. He is built entirely of solid iron and always glistens with the sheen of fresh oil.
Raggedy Jane is a beloved figure of the town. She is detailed in the chapter on animates. Although she is mostly at the palace, she is often seen at market buying “this and that for the little ones.” She is the creation of Dakota. Mac Skillet is a cook in the Tallon army. He is made primarily of cast iron. Though of similar construction to Iron John, he is not nearly so violent in outlook.If given a choice, he would much prefer to cook than kill. Mac is the creation of General Haannon.
Gem is composed nearly entirely of precious and semi-precious stones. Her basic structure is rods and chains of gold. Though most of her gems are semi-precious, her eyes and features are diamonds, rubies are other high-quality gems. Her total worth has never been properly assessed, but is probably over a million gold eagles. She is the creation of Mistress Novya. Adam Shoots is comprised entirely of bamboo. His joints are held together by short lengths of rope or leather. His body is finished with a variety of colored laquers. Adam is a deeply spiritual individual and indeed is the creation of Bishop Thane.
Peter Shroud is the caretaker of the Mausoleum. He is the only living being residing on the island. He never leaves and apparently is satisfied with being a recluse. He was the creation of Archon Baron the Negotiator and is over 150 years old.
Peter was recently affected by a mysterious grandmaster and seems to have lost all memory.




Char Windrunner is constant companion of Tira Wolfsdaughter. He is learning what skills the Merikians have that can be used by his tribe


Basarin is a half breed. She is partly cat, but the rest is a mysteryShe claims it is another beast type, but it is suspected she is half-human. She is a talented dancer, but rather ignorant of big city ways. She is employed by Talon's Theater.
Slick Russpelt is a weasel. He lives in the Beast Quarter, where he stands out less. When about the town, he often disguises himself as a dog or fox. He is crafty and ewell connected with the city's criminal population. Black Fang is the leader of a pack of Rat Mercenaries. It is his dream to topple old Norway, the perceived greatest of rat lords.
Hugin is a great black bird of the island of Yzlon. He is a constant companion of Haiku. Hugin is a talker, being otherwise indistinguishable from a large rook or raven. Garlok is the leader tribe of gators. New to the Tallon area, it was Garlok who raised the infant Tira, hoping to eat her when she came of age to use her adept powers.
Garlok is riven, possessing a second set of arms and prodigious size.
Cinnamon is a trickster rabbit of the Hudson Valley. She is motivated by insatiable curiosity and a deep need for adventure. Seemingly fearless, possibly insane.




Nyra of the Kabekki is a Barbarian, recently come to live in the city. She has a quick temper, but is fair and good-hearted. She has an uncanny resemblence to her long-lost cousin, Haiku Odsdottir. Harker is the lord of vice in Tallon. Once a popular gladiator, he now controls the Death Pits, drug trade and prostitution. A scarred and gnarled fighter
Scorch Harker's Enforcer. Slain by Iron John.

He was afterward re-animated by a mysterious grandmaster. However, his career as a zombie was rather short, due to a bizarre memory wipe.

Beef Harker's New Enforcer.
Koda is the tavern keeper of the Kraken's Head, a popular establishment in the Shambles. Sanyo is the Riven companion of Gustave Mahler. He is fairly hideous and keeps hidden in dark robes when possible. He is well-educated.
Parsee is the curator of the Museum of Tallon and the Museum of Antiquities. He is an older man, a friendly and helpful scholar. Kamlak of the Shattered Isles is a barbarian warrior. Noticeable by his odd pattern of speech (he talks of himself in the third person), he is a bold thief and mighty warrior. He is relatively good-natured, free with money when he has it.

Mint the Kabekki is actually an Ottawa Kabekki. A great tragedy in her previous life (which among other idignities included the removal of her tongue) have left this ex-pit fighter with a grim outlook on life
Exon Ironhand is another ex- Deathpit fighter. He has an animated metal left hand with exceptional strength. He is a pragmatic mercenary.
Doctor Cormorant is a slightly shady doctor operating in the the Shambles. Though he is expensive for a street doctor and rather unpleasant, he is an effective and discreet alternative to a licensed healer.
Chief Constable Barris is the chief enforcement officer for the Merchant District. He is slavishly loyal to Judge Gont, but his tactical and combat skills are not up to the job.
Vance is a Merchant of Tallon, a junior partner of Silk Merchant Hamilton. There is some suspicion that he may be involved in slavery plots and assassinations, but there is no proof to any of the allegations. He has had formal training in psychic defense at the Hall of Art.
Yegar is an ex-pit fighter turned bounty hunter. It is rumored he survived ten Death Pit matches. He has a reputation for being nearly unkillable. He is tough as nails and has no time nor respect for anyone who shows weakness. He is honorable in his own way.
Thalla is a gang member, a street thief of Tallon. Her gang is called the Jackdaws, but like many of her kind, she is simply referred to as a roofdancer. She is very much at home on the rooftops. Thalla has high degree of loyalty toward her friends. Merchant Hamilton is one of the prime textile merchants of Tallon, and very wealthy. He has tried to serve as guildmaster in the past on two separate occasions, but was always thwarted. He wolud like to hold that coveted position. His daughter is Beka.




Crew of the Columbia
The Columbia is the ocean-capable paddle-wheeler commanded by River Master Crockett. His crew is heavily represented by beasts. Here are the more prominent crewmembers:

Captain Master Crockett
Mate Salvador the Otter
Helm Maia a human whose father was from Karkul
Bosun Preston, a squirrel, also serves as lookout
Navigator Yellowstone, older human with much sailing experience
Q-master Keno the dog, resembles a bulldog.
Able Hand Tip the Otter, nephew of Salvador.

Captain Tori command the Sunrunner, the Columbia's sister ship.


Merchant Kent


Br. Cadbury



Kor of Kalador


Caravan travellers with Hamilton-Riccoco

Some of the people who have travelled with the Hamilton Riccoco caravan include:

Jareek Father figure to Faliol. A roguish old fox.

Kent Mild-mannered merchant of Tallon. One trip was enough for a good long time for him.

Peaches Beka's talker companion. A Chinchilla with a warrior's heart.

Brother Cadbury An itinerant cleric of Adala. Frequently found on the road delivering messages. Sighted, but nothing more.

Angilak is a great bear. He is the brother of Sangiyok, who runs a good-sized brewery in Adala. He is given to overflowery speech, but in combat frequent reverts to bestial type. He is not entirely trustworthy, being very pointedly on no one's side but his own.

Arkis Barbarian thief who brought doom down upon the party by stealing a secret legendary holy book.

Kor of Kalador An escaped barbarian slave who achieved his vengeance upon the hated Yaraza. Parted company at Fort Lizard.

Squeak Squeak is the companion of the Merchant Joc. He is a mouse talker, that is he is normal mouse-sized. He is rather deferential, and speaks O Kabekwa.


Most grandmasters will have a retinue of Paladins to protect them. The few who have been encountered so far are:

Hannon: Pyke, Ranzer, Jerrick (the newest)
Ningan: Domo, Pershing, Corman, Winston (deceased) Note: All of Ningan's Paladins are technically Cohorts. He has refused to take Paladins as part of a boyhood resolution.
Thane: None named
Novya: Kanda, Varian, Ford. All are beautiful
Dakota: None known

  Pit Fighters

These people can be encountered around the city. They are considered dangerous and shady characters. All of them are accomplished combatants. Some are detailed above.

Tomba: Dog of the Shambles. Alpha male. Prefers to fight with tooth and claw.
Exon Ironhand: Generally good-natured. He has an animated right hand.
Mint: Silent Kabekki warrior woman.
Ansella: Bloodthirsty and talkative. Slain by Mint, much to the relief of those around her.


Barmaid Cori

Fort Lizard

These are the people who live and work in the fort that stands at the midpoint between Tallon and Adala.

Commander Mako: A hard veteran and lifer in the army.
Sergeant Doom: Dour soldier who is nevertheless likeable.
Pep, Tekko and Streak: Otter Soldiers
Shado: A Black Cat-beast soldier
Lt. Stout
: Fort Doctor

Father Jeo: Priest
Innkeeper Jaim:
Runs the Gatorhead Inn
Barmaid Cori
No relation to Jaim
Blacksmith John:
Strong, yet dull

Ranak's Roughs

A Devil Merk band of about 20.

Tarn Ranak: Leader of the band. Extremely ethical within the confines of Devil Merk culture.
Udan Rothar: Ranak's second, and possibly his son.
Dogan Roko: Rank and file soldier.






Bergen Caravan

A merchant caravan from Adala. Bergen travels the Lizard road and the Theron Inlet carrying fine Adalan wines and spirits

Umbra: A guard, and assistant. Umbra is a chromatic with jet black skin. Full Portrait.
Konnur: Guard. Very suspicious and an avowed survivor.
Drummel: Guard. Konnurs brother, slain by Yaraza assassins.
Dashel: Scout. Porcupine. A recent replacement for Bergen's traditional scout.
  Historical Figures

Kanukka the Red: Fascist former Archon of Tallon
Theron the Founder: Discoverer of the Dancers of Dawn and founder of Tallon
Shannon: First Sympath of the Dancers. Wrote Talon's Book of Standing Stones
Trask: Deceased General of Karkul
Yara: A sympath whose Book has been lost to time.


Celestial City Figures

The ruling caste

Helios Archangel, dead
Callista his daughter, current ruler (disputed)
Zekael His son, dead?
Azrael High Priest. Oldest. Walked with the Celestial. Dead?
Magog Former beloved of Callista, believed to be leading a rebel faction
Dominator Orestes Officer in Celestial army
Dominator Thrace Once captured by Tallon, pictured left.

Flyers other than Serafim

Virgoth Chief slave driver and security man (Diabolus)
Lucaius Assistant and head of resistance (Diabolus)
Loki Minion of Carina (Diabolus)
Shkaia Bat warrior
Driss-thik Riven insect wing fighter
Blimp Resistance fighter

Masters in service to City

Ossa Chief operator (Mingatok), Tira's master.
Erasto Chief artificer (Gyptine), Hank's master
Nigel Cager
Tarren Healer

Thern Defector who helped party enter Celestial City

Merlin Brethon psychist and martyr
Floder Silorum Unknown position, (Zinjan)

Non-flyers and non-adepts with priveleges

Charana Housekeeper for Ossa
Po Gladiator, Xin human

Batilla Gladiator, Brethon human
Capricus Gladiator, satyr
The Leotaur Gladiator, Beast Centaur/Lion fighter

Ragachu Gladiator, gorilla

Rantza Karkulite woman, position unknown

Gilead, Kamlak, Tira, and Hank would fit into this category, as would all raiders

Slaves and thralls

Skar Lizard man of Iberia
Otar Orang of Borno
Xiaolan Panda Girl